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Deviants can now easily share ready to use Journal Skins, allowing for ONE CLICK ability to turn your journal into something that stands out from the crowd. Personalizing, customizing, organizing, and maximizing your journal experience has never been easier.

Awesome Skins You Can Already UseAwesome Skins You Can Already Use

Vintage CSS - easy install F-City Latest Headlines Simple Letter Journalskin Deep Blue White Angel Adobe CS3 PS Journalskin

Brand New to BrowseBrand New to Browse

If you're a Premium Member of our community, you now have access to a brand new deviation category for Journal Skins. Unlike the previous Journal CSS category, this new category is connected to special functionality that makes Journal Skins into a fully integrated feature.

How Do I Install and Use Journal Skins?How Do I Install and Use Journal Skins?

Installing Journal is really easy and only take a few quick steps. You can install as many Skins as you want and use a different one for each journal entry.

To Install a Journal Skin:

  1. Pick a journal skin that you like from the Skins gallery at
  3. Clicking on a skin thumbnail will take you to the Skin's deviation page.
  5. Underneath the skin preview image click on the button entitled "Install to Journal" and your new skin will now be installed!

To use a Journal Skin:

  1. Create a New Jour Entry or Edit a Previous Journal Entry
  3. Click on the Journal Skin button at the bottom of the Journal Editor to launch the Skin Selector.
  5. Select one of your installed Skins and click "OK"
  7. Click on Preview or Submit to see your stylin new Journal entry

Does This Work With My Existing Journal CSS?Does This Work With My Existing Journal CSS?

The Journal Skin system is an exciting upgrade to the existing Journal CSS system. In addition to sharing and installing Skins, this awesome new feature gives you the ability to save your existing style, header and footer as a "custom skin", which can be used when you post a new journal entry. Unlike the previous system which simply remembered your most recent skin, you now have the ability to keep several journal skins stored and ready to use at any time!

How Do I Create and Share My Own Journal Skins?How Do I Create and Share My Own Journal Skins?

If you are a skilled designer with some awesome HTML and CSS skills, you can share your very own journal skin designs with the deviantART community. You can test out your designs on your own Journals by clicking on the options tab and customizing the CSS code. For more information on how to submit a Journal Skin as a deviation into the Skins Gallery check out FAQ #67: How do I share Journal Skins?



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I don't understand why all of the deviants can't use skins.
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I know! It is stupid! I am not getting a Premium Membership just to customise a journal!
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