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Do you guys think we should just use emoji in mobile?

Should we translate emojis to DA equivalent emotes?

Or should we let you do both, even if it means emojis might take over on DA?

Hard questions...

-- A

The Shape of Things to Come

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 6:26 PM

You want change on DeviantArt.  Everyone here has something they would change.  We do listen and, yes, we can’t get everything done. Still, as a community, with any change we change together because we are all here together.  

We found major talent to join the DeviantArt team this year to help us assume responsibility for major change and deliver on it.  In return, we will be calling on the whole community to exercise its responsibility of continuing to shape DeviantArt into the place where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.

DeviantArt is as binary as it is digital in its platform.  We serve equally those who produce art as those who need to see art and engage with it.  Creating the undercurrent is a function of tools as much as it is a function of community activity.  Getting these two to work in unison has always been the secret sauce of DeviantArt  and every recipe for the sauce begins with the community.

This is the shape of things to come.

New Mobile App!

They wanted me to say “new” Mobile App but really it’s not new, it’s the “amazing” Mobile App! As you all know it will be our very, very first official DeviantArt Mobile App. You’ll be able to access the entire community from your mobile devices. You’ll be able to submit art as you see it. You’ll be able to connect and browse endlessly. It’s a whole new way to experience DeviantArt.  It will turn the undercurrent towards a massive flood of creativity. When?  You won’t have to wait long.

New Site Features

There are several new site features that are all designed to liberate creative expression and advance this community:

Art curators are the unsung heroes of DeviantArt. Collections display breathtaking, thought-provoking, emotional and brilliant galleries gathered from, and then dedicated to, the community.  You’ll get to watch Collections as they happen! Collections will be given a bigger role on the site with increased visibility, new discovery tools, and a showcase to highlight the best of the best.

The Today Page:
This is where you will want to have your morning coffee. Every day, the Today page editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations about this community and its impact, pulsing into the undercurrent as the heartbeat of DeviantArt. When DeviantArt first launched and for years later it had a news section.  The Today page brings that back to an audience that has grown immeasurably in size influence and interests.  The scope is immense.

Activity Feeds:
As we designed for Mobile we understood we needed something more streamlined and direct to carry the flow of what you want to watch. The Activity Feed, already with our beta testers, is a real-time sequential delivery of every Journal, deviation, Collection, Status Update, Poll, Forum thread and Critique posted by your watchlist. From the Activity Feed you can comment or you can post new Status Updates. Keep in mind, we love the robust tools in the Message Center and it's not going away.  

Status Updates:
We’ve now added the ability to post short Status Updates to your profile or to the Activity Feed as an alternative to using Journals. It’s another push from our designs for Mobile. The simple and direct format of a Status Update lets you create informal conversations with your watchers; something Deviants have needed and requested for a long time.  Use these to share how you’re feeling, what you think about, what you’re working on, or to link your watchers to the work of an artist you love. On the Mobile App you’ll be able to use them on the go. Our new Tags will also work in Status Updates.

New Site Navigation:
New navigation will make it easier to jump in and explore the full range of DeviantArt. Everything related to Your Account will be grouped together on the right side of the page. Undiscovered, What’s Hot, Activity Feed and Today will be separated from Browse and Search to highlight and more clearly reflect their functions. The Browse bar will scroll down the page with you  a kind of obvious convenience we will try to focus on across the board as we introduce fresh design. This is the kind of change that does require time to get used to. My bet is in seven days you’ll be fine.

We’ve already launched the beginnings of Tags on DeviantArt.  Tags let you group deviations, Journals, Status Updates, and comments by subject instead of category and will let you add them to other subject groupings. All content with the same Tags are grouped onto Tag pages that let you follow the full activity of the community on a given subject.  We’ve missed a way to connect the DeviantArt community with trending events. When you dip into the undercurrent, Tags are a way to do it with passengers.  

Daily Deviations:
We are giving new prominence to Daily Deviations lifting them up off of the footer. It’s amazing work from every corner of the community and it belongs up-front and center! In the Mobile App they will be available as a separate browse category and the same change will be made on the website in the new Header as a part of the new site navigation.  

A Fresher Look and Feel

All of these changes, particularly Mobile, made us re-examine the way the site looks and feels. As we design these new features and functions, the look on the site will be cleaner and simplified.

In early feedback we have heard concerns that DeviantArt will look like Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr. That’s not our shape to come.  Mobile is here, and we have to be ready to function within that platform and its conventions. We will start pushing Mobile to do things just like we pushed the Web. On our way, it may look like we are conforming to others; but, DeviantArt will always be devious.

We went through a deep process of re-examination and definition over the past months.  Some of that came out in the Celebrate DeviantArt's 14th Birthday Journal. Now you will actually begin to see a re-imagined us.

It’s time for change, both actual and symbolic.  We intend to seize this time together. We will in fact:

Let's bring it back to the old school my peoples. The days when we'd write real Journals, and link to all kinds of stuff on the Internet like as if we were Google. Get your scroll wheel ready, web-style.

DeviantArt is on a M)&H3R 4/_|<126! RAMPAGE!  A NEW Beginning. If you knew what I know, you'd already be screaming. The reavening is upon us and there is no where to hide. Thanks for your feedback on the SNEAK PEEK of the new Today page, btw. We've reviewed all comments, made changes, and will be ready to share more soon, so keep an eye out! Another comp set from The NEW DeviantArt is on its way to you soon. ;) 

Comic-Con 2014, July 24-27th

Let's talk Comic-Con in San Diego, California, USA

DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm
(official poster by Artgerm)
(many thanks to makepictures for MOST of the photos in this article)

This year at #SDCC, we brought the Thunder!
Comic Con 2014 118  2  By Makepictures D7szund By  by spyed
^ Does this guy look like he had a good time??? You will too as we journey through 
DeviantArt's Artists' Alley, and take a look at our Superstars of DeviantArt, We
The Fandom
and Fan Art Law PII panels.  The first appearance of FELLA, the launch
of MILK FOR THE UGLY to riveting success, and 
my girlfriend o-KOUKLA-o inspired,
scared and twisted Comic-Con as The Joker with
her friend Diana as Bane!

The DeviantArt / Madefire Preview Night Party!

Thunder wasn't all we brought, we also brought Madefire to the creator world during this
con, and here's the party that  kicked that off! Wait, is that a line around the block? 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhe1 by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2so F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
Fo-ffo-ff-fo-fOR DAYS, Jr.!!! Angry Sheep V1  The Madefire crew, a DevMeet, the SDCC Artists' Alley,
and a heap of industry and press friends lined up for the open bar.

... And the killer company. :) 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhf1 by spyed
Comic Con 2014 112  3  By Makepictures D7szuk5 By  by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhbp by spyed
^ fella, Cloud9hoodie, then a rare photo of spyed and the lovely LaurenKitsune!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhul by spyed
^ RARE SUPERSTAR MOMENT! DeviantArt's Stanley ' Artgerm ' Lau
and the MEGA POPULAR Alice X. Zhang, aka alicexz !!!!!!!!!!!!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh6t by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhye by spyed
^ Check out marioluevanosxraystyle !!!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhg9 by spyed
^ spyed and CEO/Co-Founder of Madefire, BenWolstenholme reviewing the stunning
work of a deviant who goes by the name of Zirngibl We were riveted. A true highlight of
the evening to meet such a talented woman. Check out her work she is seriously one of
my new absolute +Favorite artists. +Watch, +Love. And you'd be silly if you weren't 
+Watching BenWolstenholme ... surely you realize this. ;) 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh91 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhk7 by spyed
^ Awww... ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Keight123 on the left photo/right side 
with her friends, and madizzlee & bittygirla 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhcv by spyed
^ Say hello to our kick ass tattoo stencilers! 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhjn by spyed
^ Is that the infamous Uwe Maurer, CEO of ArtRage ?  We love your natural painting
software, Mr. Maurer! Thanks for coming!

DeviantArt Presents ... Milk for the Ugly, on Madefire!

We're very, very proud to Present this motion book on many, many levels. Our first major
hit with MADEFIRE from the community, but that's only the beginning. This is now
the #1 Motion Book on the Madefire platform. Greater viewership than Batman
My Little PonyTransformers and all other titles found right here on DeviantArt right
along side our very own vesner & akreon's Milk for the Ugly

Untitled By Shyree-d7syh9u by spyed
^ vesner & akreon, authors of the BRILLIANT Milk for the Ugly motion book get 
glomped by our very own damphyr from the upcoming We The Fandom series that's
as of now un-announced. Whoops.

Milk-for-The-Ugly-Credits by spyed

Stats? As of today with the Book & Article combined:

16,136 +Faves

The world is changing. Creators are directly in charge. And Milk for the Ugly is the
spark on DeviantArt that Madefire.


But don't take it from me, let's ask the media!

"Batman calls for new friends [deviants!] to create 'motion book' comics"

- theguardian

Screenshot 2014-08-01 15.19.01 (1) by spyed

"DeviantArt Comic Beats Batman in Motion Comic Marketplace."

- The Escapist

"Milk for the Ugly Gets Read 400,000 Times in Four Days, 
Kicks Batman and Pony Butt. Best Motion Comic to Date?"

- Bleeding Cool

"In conjunction [with] DeviantArt, [Madefire] rolled out its
Web-based Creator Tool, letting individual artists and authors
create new stories that can be published on the Web within minutes."

- The Next Web (TNW)

Screenshot 2014-08-06 18.59.43 by spyed

"Angelo Sotira, founder of DeviantArt, holds up
one of the latest books published on Madefire."

- c|net

"Madefire [is] rolling out the ability for creators
and publishers to produce what it calls "print books" --
straightforward digital comics with conventional
page layouts and no multimedia frills."

- Fast Company

Fella Makes a GRAND Entrance! 

For the first time ever....... Introducing.... FELLA!!! 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhbw by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhc1 by spyed
Fella Plushie by DeviantArtGearPimping the Fella Plushie by ohnojayloFella with Holga by Sting1.fella:paper.version. by candymax
FELLA making his first real world appearance other than in plushie form for the first
time in history! Appropriate, we think. In case you are wondering, he's the most
loving soul on Earth and hugging him felt great! 
I love deviantART! 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhug by spyed
^ He's even learned a new instrument since the release of DeviantArt v7 in 2010!
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2kj F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyedComic Con 2014 113  3  By Makepictures D7szukb By  by spyedComic Con 2014 125 By Makepictures D7szuoi By Bitt by spyed
Did he get his hugs on?? Heck yah! That's how Fella rolls!  


DeviantArt Artists' Alley 2014

Photos apparently can't do this thing justice on the whole, but if you put it all 
together in your mind from all the pieces here, you'll appreciate the beauty 
of what is happening in Artists' Alley. Please be sure to read my past journal 
about this alley called: The Love that Binds SDCC's Artists' Alley. A million 
thanks, and all our love to clydene - always!

Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2wt F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
^ We're missing makepictures in this photo - But without him, and without
techgnotic who is standing next to me here, we couldn't pull off Artists Alley each
year. SO, a great big thank you to both makepictures and techgnotic - Always 
amazing, always a pleasure.
Comiccon 1  149 By Makepictures D7szusq By Bittygi by spyedUntitled By Bittygirla D7sz2x1 F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ Ahh... There's makepictures on the left! We're just getting warmed up.
Comiccon 1 146 By Makepictures D7szus7 By Bittygir by spyed
I sincerely want you to see how packed the Alley was this year. But in an epic fail,
we didn't actually capture many long or wide shots this time around. If you were at 
the con and you nabbed some, please link them for us! Yikes!!!! This video I took
is pretty much the only one. Sorry it's not that great! 

Comiccon 1 145 By Makepictures D7szus1 By Bittygir by spyedComic Con 143 By Makepictures D7szuta By Bittygirl by spyed
Comic Con 142  3  By Makepictures D7szuwz By Bitty by spyedComic Con 143  2  By Makepictures D7szuw6 By Bitty by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2lw F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ LiamSharp - Chief Creative Officer for Madefire.
Truly a gentleman and a scholar. Here he tells us the ways of life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ... in bed!

Quite seriously, Liam's contributions to the DeviantArt community recently absolutely
astound me. Perhaps one of the most important conversations happening on 
DeviantArt, and easily the most important conversation happening in the entire 
comic book industry is the one that is happening right now on LiamSharp's Journal.
Go to his Journal and start with a post written on June 4th titled, "I Got Angry."
Engage in the dialog. Read what people are saying in response. Why? Because if
you want to be on the bleeding edge of storytelling, LiamSharp is the key to the door
of the future.
Comic Con 2014 115  1  By Makepictures D7szujz By  by spyed
Photo by spyed
^ My kick ass girlfriend o-KOUKLA-o who scared the hell out of everybody with our 
friend Diana Rios as Bane. Aren't they lovely? I think so. 
Comic Con 141  4  By Makepictures D7szuwn By Bitty by spyed
^ Ahh, the love of my life.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1yf F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
Mr. BenWolstenholme drawing the ladies during the Madefire Cosplay sketching 
Comic Con 2014 124 By Makepictures D7szuoc By Bitt by spyedComic Con 142  2  By Makepictures D7szuvw By Bitty by spyed
What up madizzlee & Cloud9hoodie - Srsly hardcore.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2hy F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
:heart: damphyr 
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2km F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyedComic Con 143  3  By Makepictures D7szux1 By Bitty by spyedComic Con 141  2  By Makepictures D7szutm By Bitty by spyed
techgnotic, merhej and I. bittygirla, LaurenKitsune and a rare recent shot of
Heidi and I!
Comic Con 2014 114  1  By Makepictures D7szujr By  by spyedComic Con 2014 133 By Makepictures D7szuq9 By Bitt by spyed
madizzlee is a badass Link! While LaurenKitsune Cosplays as Isabela from 
Dragon Age 2!
Comic Con 2014 115  2  By Makepictures D7szuku By  by spyed
Comic Con 2014 123 By Makepictures D7szuo1 By Bitt by spyed
Thank you wacom for providing Cintiq's for deviants to use at the 'Con! We also had
 our very favorite autodesk-sketchbook running on all machines with the lovely and
inspiring reneedicherri from Autodesk hanging out in case anyone had questions! 
Comic Con 143  1  By Makepictures D7szutx By Bitty by spyedComic Con 2014 130 By Makepictures D7szupn By Bitt by spyed
^autodesk-sketchbook in action!
BTW the NEW Sketchbook is out, and I'm just insanely in love with it. Worth your
time to check it out or to upgrade your copy! autodesk was with us in Artists Alley
this year and the artists using their software were just raving about it.
It's a new day in the digital arts! Go 
autodesk-sketchbook go!  
Comic Con 2014 137 By Makepictures D7szur3 By Bitt by spyedComic Con 2014 131 By Makepictures D7szupv By Bitt by spyedComic Con 2014 132 By Makepictures D7szuq3 By Bitt by spyed
Comic Con 144 By Makepictures D7szuu3 By Bittygirl by spyed
^ This dude was rockin'! 
Comic Con 2014 121  1  By Makepictures D7szuns By  by spyed
^ Well aren't these the cutest kids at the Con! Especially Lily.. errr I mean the 
one in the middle! Errr.. I mean the random kids we took photos of! ;P 
Comic Con 142  1  By Makepictures D7szutw By Bitty by spyed

Our Kick-Ass Comic-Con Panels 

Our 2014 panel line up was fantastic. Excellent turn outs, great panelists, all 
around a wonderful thing that we're very proud to provide for Comic-Con each year!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 8.48.02 PM 2 by spyed

Kay And Julie Shipping 165 By Makepictures-d7t0qfr by spyed
aunjuli and damphyr brought squeels of joy out of their We The Fandom panel 
audience.  They're so sweet, charming, lovely and full of fandom! And not to mention, 
these wonderful ladies are coming soon to a Today page near you! 

Comic Con 146  1  By Makepictures D7szuxj By Bitty by spyed
Comic Con 146 By Makepictures D7szuul By Bittygirl by spyed

Comic Con 2014 113  4  By Makepictures D7szumf By  by spyed
In order, THE LiamSharp, vesner, akreon, spyed, techgnotic, yuumei 
and Artgerm
Comic Con 2014 116  2  By Makepictures D7szun4 By  by spyedComic Con 2014 115  3  By Makepictures D7szumz By  by spyed

Comic Con 2014 113 By Makepictures D7szuhh By Bitt by spyed
^ Wish I had more photos from this one. Great panel with the Madefire team 
BenWolstenholme LiamSharp nunyerbidniss 
along with davegibbons (most notably known for The Watchmen.) 
and vesner / akreon (Milk for the Ugly)

Unfortunately as of this writing I don't have any photos for two of the panels, 
I will be updating once I do. They are the FANS, LOVE, AND THE LAW panel, 
and the MAYA 3D MODELING SOFTWARE ft. FELLA panel. They were great!


What else happened??
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhs3 by spyed
Is that the legendary Kim Jung Gi
Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 1.17.16 AM 2 by spyed
Artgerm says that he just can't stand this guy because there is simply nothing 
to learn from him. he explains; how can you learn when Kim Jung Gi simply 
walks up to a blank canvas, and draws an entire world without any process at all!
he sees his drawing in his mind, and he puts it to paper directly. there is no 
process! you can't learn when there is just genius, and no process! - great point. 
And I hear he may be joining DeviantArt soon, so you can be marveled and learn 
nothing from him other than f34r of true, raw, hardcore deviousness. muahaha;) 

It was an honor to meet you, sir! we hope you will join our community and offer 
whatever you are willing, to our humble and loving home of DeviantArt!
Pl02-1 2 by spyed

Speaking of Artgerm - Check out the key-art for the Comic-Con campaign that he 
made for us. A few weeks back, it topped the Popular 24 hour charts when 
he posted this:
DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm
^ Feel free to download, print and use however you like (for personal use).
Thank you Artgerm!!!!! :iconartgerm:
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2tm F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
Chunli Style by ArtgermPepper Robot II by ArtgermPepper Delivery by ArtgermBatgirl 12 by ArtgermMother of Dragons by Artgerm
^ A few pieces from Artgerm's gallery!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh5p by spyed
^ Is that CliffyB? Mr. Cliff Bleszinski? THE Design Director of UNREAL TOURNAMENT
and the entire UNREAL franchise? And if that isn't enough, the GEARS OF WAR
franchise? Check out our visit to Epic Games  from a few years ago with the now
super famous rebel princess Meg Turney! techgnotic notic and I kinda spaz out over GOW.
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh6a by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syheu by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh8i by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syha0 by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh73 by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhl3 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhi5 by spyed
^ ARTofANT in the house!!</u>
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhq9 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhrn by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhj5 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhnh by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhnd by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhfc by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh97 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhen by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhku by spyed
^ FREE DeviantArt Messenger Bags! WAHHHH I WANTED ONE!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhju by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhkj by spyed
^ ZevGordoni on the left, left. The delightful pinguino on the right!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh9i by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhie by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1we F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed\
^ Iron Man checks out and heads to Malibu.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1u3 F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ It has been an EPIC Comic-Con.
Comic Con 2014 108 By Makepictures D7szugo By Bitt by spyed
^ Fella is off to sleep.
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhy7 by spyed

Thanks for reading. ;)

Deviousness for life,


- spyed 


The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:01 AM
The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

When you're young, your teenage years can't come soon enough. Thirteen was fun, but with a whole year as a teenager under your belt, you start to get perspective on what it means to grow up. You're not there yet, but the path ahead is clear and inspiring.

At 14, you start taking on responsibilities and testing out maturity, while continuing to reach for the stars and fostering the creativity that's such an integral part of your life.

DeviantArt's 14th birthday marks the ushering in of this new chapter. For the past year, we've gained perspective on where our journey should lead us next, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you and have you with us every step of the way.

We are where art starts

We are where art starts, but that is only the beginning. We are a community for the creative in everyone to develop and heighten their personal sense of taste, but that's not where it ends. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression.

We believe that art is for everyone, and we're creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered and shared.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity.

The Global Undercurrent of Creativity

We provide endless entertainment and inspiration. This is where you see it first. This is where whatever you're into, no matter how niche, is embraced and expressed by a dedicated community of likeminded creatives. This is where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.


There's no other place like DeviantArt. We are an unapologetically addictive experience. Our world is a prolific orgy of originality where creatives enjoy freedom of artistic expression. We are the deviation of creativity that shatters the confines of expectation. We can't help it — it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.

Bleed and Breed ArtAngelo Sotira (Spyed) DeviantArt CEO and Co-Founder
Questions for the Reader

And now we turn to you for the next step in our journey. Where should we head next? What would you like to see the DeviantArt community accomplish in the future?

As I noted in my last journal, there are some big -- and exciting!! -- changes on the way for deviantART. Er, DeviantArt.  :P (Lick)

The team here at DeviantArt continues to listen to your feedback plus we met with a crew of super-deviants in NYC last month (check out a pic below :-) (Smile) and got a full, insightful download.  Then, we thought long and hard on how to pave a kindred and inspiring direction.  As always, you are the center of it all -- and how to connect you with your community.  

Ok, getting into it, I want to share a sneak peek on work-in-progress (as in not final!) designs for the new Today page and to hear what everybody thinks.

Fella Version                            Llama Version

Hp10 by Leelor     Today-page Dark by marioluevanos   

Our intent with the new Today page is to better connect you with other deviants in a much better looking page (yes, a design refresh was overdue!).  

What do you think?  We’re listening!
  • What excites you about the Today page’s redesign?  
  • What would you change?
  • What kind of content would you like to see represented?

-- A  Spyed (deviantART CEO)

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.40.36 PM by danlev
Deviants in New York City give feedback on the new Today Page design.

We're going to be DeviantArt, officially. But you can always call us deviantART. You'll get to be retro, and that's always... well, retro! This goes for DA and dA, too.

It was nice to see Moonbeam13 and starvingartist today in Toronto. We got some lunch. Then 'Beam was nice enough to drive me to the airport with Rob. :wave: Rob! Happy Birthday Moonbeam! :party: 

I'm in the sky eating a banana at the moment. I wonder what monkeys would make of me eating a banana at 30,000 feet. Let alone journaling on DA from here.

I was in Toronto visiting Autodesk, and the teams behind Sketchbook and Pixlr and other awesome apps they have. What wonderful people. I really enjoyed seeing what they're up to, it's all very exciting.

I've been hanging out on #devart on dAmn today, and I asked Pickley to pull together all the best scripts and projects out there that improve dAmn. This way DA can consider buying the code, interfaces, etc. and see if we can implement the changes so that everyone gets the improvements. Poor dAmn, doesn't get enough attention from our team. And it pretty much won't for a while, DA is focused on DA itself. So Reaper-X and I were talking about how to bring some fresh blood on to the dAmn network and so I have an idea for him in about a month leveraging some new features that will launch. (Remind me dude, I get busy like crazy! If I go dark on you, hit up LaurenKitsune to nudge me, K?)

Things got twisted for a minute around here. That's about the best way I can say it. It's going on a year now that we're back on track, and you guys are about to get a load of changes to reflect that. All summer, all winter. Changes, improvements, and more changes. Welcomed changes. Happy changes. At least on the whole. You know how it is, people will freak out at stuff. But we're doing quite a bit of user testing, and the feedback from fellow community members and random people alike is suggesting we're hitting this on the head. Heidi and danlev led such a session with Ian in NYC a couple days ago. Can't wait to hear this batch of feedback when I get to HQ tomorrow.

I've been sharing some of our plans (and will continue to) with our many long time friends to be sure we're getting a thumbs up from them. So far the briefings have been focused. But as we get to alpha/beta levels (soon) where there's even more transparency for what will happen I'm gathering feedback from everyone who will talk to us. 

Anyway folks, I don't want to bore you. Happy to chat in the thread below a bit. I read everything, I can't always reply.

Oh yeah, we're launching iOS and Android sometime in September, we think. Loads of marketing activity will obviously follow with all the details, but I just wanted to set that as the approximate time frame in case you were wondering.

You weren't wondering about mobile, were you? hehe

-- A  

Have you guys seen Whisper or Secret? Reminds me of DeviantArtSecret but in App form. 

I wrote this article for Check it out and let me know what you think!…

-- A

I had so much fun with this activity, we need to do it more often!

All right, first, let's take a look at ALL the entries!

The first group was uploaded onto the original poll itself, which was a nice mix of the eventual winners:

Sexy Fish Person & Llama Cat: 

Sexy Human Fish by SrGrafo       Llamacat by damphyr

And not a finalist, but sometimes you just have to include a Fish Hamster:

Fishhamster by endosage

Now that the game was on and the two inspirational prompts were chosen, the comments and mentions came pouring in! Check them out!

Sexy Fish Person by Nyiana-sama Llama kitten by BananaBu Untitled Drawing by Aiko-Hirochosexy fish by PsyDraws Untitled Drawing by Tainted-IceUntitled Drawing by nebulAeva Untitled Drawing by Kite04 Eve's Llama Kitten For Spied :P by TheGalleryOfEve Untitled Drawing by hulliaUntitled Drawing by Red-FoxieScreen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.40.38 PM by spyedUntitled Drawing by zaphoralillyLLAMA KITTEN by Raksha18Untitled by renonevada Untitled Drawing by Melkboy Llama-kitten by PixlPhantasy Sexyfish by sometimesidrawshitLlamakitten by G4M3KittyLlama Kitten by Z4N9Sexy Fish People by spyedLouise by skysoul25

Which ones do you guys like the most???

Tip: You can use the "Conversation" tab inside the "Add Media" option when you leave comments to access the pieces in this journal for easy reference. 

Discuss below, and... always feel free to draw and add more to the conversation!

-- A

UPDATE: Let's keep drawing through the weekend! Monday morning at 11:00 am PST I'll start checking out all the amazing works you've been contributing and highlight the very best! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


And the votes are in!  We're drawing LLAMA KITTEN, or alternatively, SEXY FISH PEOPLE! 

WHA? We were hanging out in #devart on dAmn lobbing out ideas for what to draw. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.36.56 PM by spyed

And the results are in!

Use deviantART Muro, Autodesk Sketchbook or any other drawing tool to illustrate: 




... whichever prompt you like better.... And simply post your drawing to this thread below using the "Add Media" button on the comment box!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.41.06 PM by spyed


-- :spyed: 

Communities of all kinds are held up by pillars made of heart. Typically embodied by people who let the weight of their community rest on their shoulders, willing to let life be life. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it's comfortable. Regardless, the result is a halo that surrounds all participants in a community. The healing light of being mothered, fathered or cared for.

These are very special people who take this role in your community. Maybe this person is you. In which case, please be you today, and every day. Because you are very important.

For the rest of us, we all know who the pillars are that hold up the communities that we care about. We all know the value of what they do, especially when we stop to think about it.

There is nothing in life that I have ever found a deeper admiration for than people who take on this role. Pillars of Community. When a human being digs their heels in, claims territory and begins to show Love towards a group of people, they begin to embody the beauty of humanity in its greatest light. Passionate leadership, selflessness. Care for their fellow man. Admiration and dedication to a cause.

It doesn't happen every day. 

And it is a personal sacrifice for the greater good. People in such communities find success, and many rewards. Pillars of Community create an atmosphere where success is possible, growth is possible, life is possible. After all we are all mere humans, and we need to be Loved in all aspects of our development. When we go off the rails or as life derails us, sometimes we need that pillar to guide as back to the light.

Pillars of Community are very important people, who cannot be thanked enough.

Three things:


I wrote about Clydene Nee here on my journal in July of 2013. As a quick recap, she's the amazing woman who happens to be the Community Pillar for Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic-Con since 1989. She's a hero to this community, loved by all who she has touched. And that's a long, long list of people. I ask that you visit Clydene's GoFundMe page. On behalf of deviantART, a donation has already been made. So you don't have to donate, only if you want to. More importantly, I just want you to read about this woman, and what she is going through, plus who is stepping up to the plate to help. As a member of both the deviantART community, and the SDCC Artists' Alley community, I'm so worried about Clydene. And I'm so moved by the support she is seeing. It's beautiful. It's inspiring. It's so deserved. I wanted to share it. The page was set up by our very own diablo2003 (Mark Brooks) on her behalf. Contributions have come from over 240 people, including Jim Lee (jimlee00) from DC Comics, Erik Ko (ErikKo) and others. I don't think she would have set a page up like this for herself. I'm so proud of you, diablo2003, for stepping up to the plate. It's really awesome of you.


In honor of wonderful people like Clydene, people who are Pillars of Community ... please share with us (in the comments) who at deviantART is a pillar of community for you. Or, simply share whatever comes to mind about the pillars that hold up the community you love! These people are critical in life, it's always important to stop and thank them. Acknowledge them. Encourage them. They have often times deviated from their lives, to give to something that matters. 


If you don't feel like talking about it here, then I simply encourage you to reach out to that pillar today and say THANK YOU, YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME! They need to hear it! 

True deviants. True deviousness.


-- :spyed:  

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: . :iconmoonbeam13::hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

The rampage of 2014 begins. We're all back at hq, refreshed, ready, and with a steady hand we're going to start the surgery.

deviantART hit an all time high traffic record on the 2nd of the year to kick us off. You guys are incredible. Patient. Loving. Precisely what we wish for deviantART to be. Always. 

We owe you a lot of work that you can hold in the palm of your hand. A lot of adjustments that make you more comfortable in your devious seats. A lot of celebration, like techgnotic's You're Not Alone article suggests as we bring in the New Year.

It's going to be one heck of a ride in 2014, so strap in!

Meanwhile, I wanted to thank you all for your contributions to my 31st Birthday a few years back. Each of us got confirmation over the holidays that we are now serving 500 people with fresh water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from two different sites. I didn't end up having much control over the names of the sites, else I would have named them in honor of deviantART. Regardless, it's the results that truly matter. I think highly of the folks at charity: water and encourage each of you to donate your birthdays in 2014! It feels unbelievable to know that we have made a difference in the world!

Check out the photos! 

Site 1: KAHANGA I - KASHOLO (link)

Kahanga I - Kasholo  1 by spyed

Kahanga I - Kasholo  2 by spyed


Popokabaka - BF Popokabaka WP 6 School 2 by spyedPopokabaka - BF Popokabaka WP 6 School 1 by spyed

Popokabaka - BF Popokabaka WP 6 School 4 by spyed


Working on products again. I missed this. Deeply.

In the experience of deviantART, we find ourselves hitting "X" buttons a lot, don't we? Every day our +watch lists produce a whole bunch of activity from the people we are interested in. Deviations, Journals, Polls, etc. and we either click "X" to make them disappear right away, or we reply... and then we hit "X" to make them disappear once we're done. 

Except for the hoarders. They like to keep stuff. Some of the hoarders keep all the messages. Some keep only the messages they want to remember later. Chances are, they don't really go back to look at the stuff they're hoarding. Who's got that kind of time? Besides, there are always new messages to tend to! 

I tend to like the legitimacy of it all. When you +watch someone, you definitely have a chance to see their updates and their new art work. It doesn't somehow scroll away or disappear. You'd have to "X" it away for that to happen.

We do this for:

:bulletyellow:  Deviations published by deviants
:bulletyellow: Critiques written by deviants about deviations
:bulletyellow: Journals published by deviants
:bulletyellow: New forum threads by deviants you +watch
:bulletyellow: Polls by deviants you +watch
:bulletyellow: Activity

And it has been requested that this be offered for: 

:bulletyellow: Comments
:bulletyellow: Faves

... by all the people we +watch!

Well I have to say, that's a lot of hitting "X"  --  Some of it very valuable. Some of it totally unnecessary. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that only two of these things really need explicit tracking. The rest can be fed to me in the experience of deviantART without requiring me to "X" them or "Mark them as Read" --

:bulletgreen: Deviations
:bulletgreen: Journals

I will try to reply to all. But I also want to thank you in advance. This type of feedback is incredibly valuable to us. 

Cheers! :beer:

Help in the Comments!

1. What do you think of all this "X" work you're doing?

2. Do you want more than just Deviations & Journals (from your +watch) to require "X" interactions? Why?

3. Anything else you want me to know about your Message Center usage?

-- Angelo

  • Mood: Joy

I'm excited to let you know that Autodesk, Inc. has made an investment in deviantART and that one of Autodesk's top executives, Samir Hanna, Vice President of the Autodesk Consumer Group, will become an observer on the deviantART Board of Directors.

Autodesk has over 30 years of history in helping designers create amazing things. You may know Autodesk for apps like SketchBook and Pixlr for drawing, illustration, and image editing, or for software like 3ds Max and Maya, which are used by the top film and game studios around the world to create fantastically realistic 3D characters, environments, and effects.  Amazing fact: the last 17 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects use Autodesk software. Autodesk is also known for engineering software like AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit, which has been used to design some of the world’s tallest buildings, longest bridges, and most incredible machines.

With the investment we plan to improve deviantART at a faster pace than we could have just under our own steam.  More deviantART delivered deviously -- that's the plan. I can assure you, there will be no change in control over the community or company as a result of this deal but the rest of the terms are staying confidential for now.

Our consistent growth as a community and in raw numbers visiting the site proves how vital dA has become to so many involved in the arts and in the popular culture reflected and created by deviants. It takes more than just extra servers to keep up with this growth. We so deeply appreciate all the support from the community, from staff and from volunteers.  It’s hard work but with a huge result -- for me and for many others the best place to be on the Internet.

-- Angelo


p.s. Go say hi to autodesk-sketchbook !!!  

As you get older, you may begin to see birthdays as a distinctive point in time. A time for reflection on past successes, past roadblocks, past lessons. I also see it as an opportunity to look forward, set goals, aim ridiculously high. I'm sure everyone's heard people joke about disliking getting older and lamenting another year passing, but not me. Not yet, at least. The wisdom and hard lessons I've had to learn over the years helps me map out my immediate future. I may stumble, sure, but I also have a lifetime of overcoming obstacles and analyzing achievements to guide my decisions. All I can do is keep learning and growing. 

I feel much the same way about deviantART. 

I don't need to tell you that a web property sticking around for 13 years is a rare thing, and it's not an accomplishment we take lightly. We owe our continued existence to all of you, and the passion and inspiration that emanate so naturally from the community, from the most successful professional to the most eager student, cultivates a bond that my team has been honored to be a part of every day for the past 13 years.

We may have provided the framework for this community of artists, but in embracing our products and supporting our efforts, you've truly made it a home. And so, on our 13th Birthday -- August 7th, 2013 -- I couldn't be more thankful for every one of you and the community you've helped build. For us, 13 is an extremely lucky number, and we're simply humbled at the prospect of providing more frameworks for you to cultivate for years to come. 

The big joke around the office, of course, is that on our 13th birthday, deviantART is finally the age we require our youngest members to be, and I think that's a poignant statement to our coming of age. We're still fresh-eyed and optimistic, but we have had a lifetime of trials we've overcome, endeavors we've grown from, and a past to reflect on, but we're ready to take on the world as a young-adult company.

But we still need your help! We look to our deviants for guidance, and we look forward to growing with you and for you. When I think of what lies ahead, I get shivers at the possibilities. If the past 13 years have taught us anything, the most giving community on Earth is this home for artists in a small corner of the Internet, and I couldn't be more proud to be taking this journey with all of you.

Earlier this week, bradleysays sent me a note reminding me of this Journal titled "deviantART in 10 Years", that I wrote back in 2003, musing on where deviantART would be in 10 years, and it couldn't have come at a better time. (Thanks, Bradley!)  Here is a clip from it: 

I think deviantART will be looked upon as a revolution unto itself. Having been able to scale not only it's infrastructure but it's community and spawned sub-communities (within the garden of deviantART) to include the various arts of hundreds of millions of artists worldwide.
And as the ultimate compliment, it will be taken completely for granted. A service fully integrated into daily life, on every pleasing screen you see.
The ultimate entity through which artists deliver their message to all man kind. 
We live in remarkable times that demand change, and permit unfathomable growth. Growth that has only practical boundaries defined by the actual size of possibility. And we intend to be a catalyst.

That message was our hope back when the Internet was a very different landscape. In 2003 when this was written, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace or even Friendster. The only other network we recall was LiveJournal. And with the passing of time, the scaling of our numbers, and the welcoming of record-breaking numbers of talented artists with every passing day, (now 28 million registered deviants!) I'd say we should all be very proud of all we have achieved together. 

So goals for the next 10 years? I'd like to pose that question to the community, but first I'll give it another try.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: 

I think artists en masse will be making their livelihoods on deviantART directly, or as a result of it. More schools and professional companies than ever will learn the importance of our deviantART Profiles, Search Results and features that permit access to artists of every kind. When we began in 2000, I said many times in my journal that I felt that artists were stranded on all corners of the globe, lacking a well-lit path to follow to earn their living in the arts. We all felt this, because it was true.

In 10 years time people all over the world, of all ages will have easy access to every tool, every artistic lesson, every imaginable support group to provide a well-lit path from a humble beginning, to international stardom in the Arts.

These are bold, revolutionary words to me witnessing the Arts at the forefront with all of you. But I believe we all know in our hearts that this is how quickly society is changing, and that this is possible. And because it is possible, and because we all want this; it will be true.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: 

So, if I haven't said it enough, thank you for sharing this special day with us, and thank you for making deviantART possible. Be sure to swing by our hq for some devious festivities, art contests, and we even have some presents for you to help ring in our 13th year. We're feeling pretty lucky. 

And by the way, if you were born on the same day deviantART was, August 7, 2000, then welcome to your first day on the site ;)

I'm in Love

It isn't just the incredible honor of having a Traditional Pepper drawing by Stanley " Artgerm " Lau, which in itself keeps me and everyone around me gazing in to her incredibly beautiful eyes.. 

... No, that's not the only reason. Owning a Pepper is a real treasure. This International Woman of Mystery has captured the hearts of some of today's most highly regarded digital artists. Her creator, Artgerm is easily the most popular artist on the Internet. His Gallery is filled with blockbuster art pieces. He achieves position #1 on the home page of deviantART with almost every submission to the site:

Chunli Style by Artgerm Wonder Woman Return by Artgerm Pepper Smile by Artgerm
Three Kingdoms - Xiao Qiao by Artgerm    Pepper Robot II by Artgerm    Poison Ivy Sideshow Art by Artgerm
Pepper Freedom by Artgerm Batgirl 12 by Artgerm Pepper Delivery by Artgerm Windrunner - DotA2 by Artgerm

Not to mention, I have access to some pre-release tech here at deviantART that allows me to see the demographic responses to art pieces. I've looked closely at Artgerm's Gallery, and it achieves something we see rarely; His audience is as Female as it is Male. Almost a 50%/50% split on pieces that involve Pepper. Your typical Pin-Ups and Comic Book Covers tend to skew remarkably Male. This doubles the size of Artgerm's audience potential, generating grand slam after grand slam chart topping digital art masterpieces. So why do women love Pepper so much?

Pepper Groove by Artgerm
Pepper Freedom by Artgerm

... Some might say it's because Pepper isn't just the most beautiful woman in the world, she's also a strong, confident figure to be admired. Artists all around the world have come together to try their hand at drawing her for The Pepper Project

Simply-Pepper by PepperProjectPepper Retro Junky by PepperProject
pepper by falk2021Pepper Tech by PepperProject
Combination Pepper by PepperProject
Pepper-station by PepperProjectPepper and seafruits by PepperProject

So perhaps my love is justified? Yes, but I'm not even done yet. This piece in particular has special meaning. First of all, this year at Comic-Con we had the great pleasure of Artgerm coming to Artists' Alley to see his fans and accept Traditional Commissions for the first time. That's right, check his Profile, he's accepting traditional commissions for the first time!! Artgerm joined us on our Business of Fan Art panel: 

Untitled Drawing by spyed

Meanwhile, my beautiful girlfriend Viktoria came to Comic-Con with her friend Diana to show off some leg (hehe), and cosplay as Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose! 

Comic Con 2013 62 By Makepictures D6egnbe By L by spyed

She spent weeks on her costume, so as a fun side note I brought this Sonic head back in the car with me, and I happened to drive Artgerm back to Los Angeles so he could catch his plane to Singapore. He saw the Sonic head in the back seat... 

And so we have Sonic Pepper:

She's not only the first ever Traditional Commission of Pepper by Artgerm, she's also the perfect encapsulation of the best Comic-Con year that deviantART and I have ever had!  The deviantART tattoo on her left arm is the ultimate finishing touch. The cherry on top. I'm truly humbled..

Dear Artgerm 

Thank you. This was an incredibly kind thing to find at hq this past Monday. It was fantastic to see you and I look forward to the next time we get to hang out. Also, thanks for geeking with me about dA, and answering a million questions that I pummeled you with the whole drive back to LA. hehe

Your work is so inspiring. I've been staring every day at this Pepper and her absolute radiance as she pops off the paper, seemingly alive. Her eyes are focused on the viewer of the piece, you have to walk far to the left or right to lose her gaze. Guests to my home all stop to take notice and ask about her.

Why? I think I know.

Her lines represent a perfect gateway into popular culture at a global scale, capturing the essence of the most popular style of artwork in current times. To me, Pepper is the face of now, and the face of the future.

-- :spyed: 

If you participated in Artists' Alley this year on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, in the far left corner of the Con by Hall G, then this is a journal especially for you. It's also a journey for readers, or members of deviantART who want to get a glimpse into something incredible deviantART's community does each year.

The event this year was brilliant. We are so incredibly proud of every exhibiting artist in the alley. And today, we're just as war-torn and beaten up from all the action as you are. This is my first productive cycle on our first day off in a few weeks. I probably should be doing what I imagine our other teammates are doing, relaxing! Instead, my heart is pounding, my mind is racing, my jaw clenching at times. Some things just need to be said and I can't rest until they are.

We're also proud of the patrons who visited Artists' Alley and either spoke with artists about their projects, commissioned or purchased illustrations, comic-books, etc. and supported the ~200 artists who came from afar to further their careers, perhaps shake a hand that could provide their next big opportunity. As a patron you are literally watching artists struggle and fight to realize their dreams. 

It's beautiful! It's humbling. This is the story of why this year was even more meaningful than others.

San Diego Comic-Con is a cultural pillar that has a deep responsibility to protect its most important asset: The Heart and Soul of Artists' Alley.  

Long before deviantART, San Diego Comic-Con and specifically Artists' Alley were home to the Frank Miller's and Kevin Eastman's of the world. This is where they'd go to take their ideas and their characters and give audiences a shot to try out a brand new story, meet a new set of characters and potentially get their first fans. From this they might get enough attention inside the industry to get a deal. This was one of the only ways to pursue the dream. The significance of Artists' Alley is a book to be written in the pages of history. Many of the stories we love owe their success to the Alley in a big way. It is where quite a bit of the magic behind THE CON comes from.

It's our 3rd year sponsoring Artists' Alley, and by sponsoring I mean providing carpeting, cushioned seats to protect artists backs, awesome jumbotron screens to draw in people that the Alley has never had before, and a deviantART Lounge where passers by can draw on Wacom Cintiq's using Autodesk's Sketchbook and deviantART Muro while others watch. It is all situated on the sacred ground of Artists' Alley; the Heart and Soul of Comic-Con.

If it were up to us, Artists' Alley would be in the center of the Con surrounded by Small Press, Mid-Sized Publishers like IDW, Dark Horse, Image, etc. and the big media companies on the outer perimeter. The big companies would be the first thing you'd see as you walked into Comic-Con, giving them the great exposure they deserve and pay for. As you continue to walk the Con, every fan, even on their very first visit, could deduce where the heart is and where the respect should be paid. 

This is My Garden and These Are My Flowers. And I Nurture Every Single One of Them.

For nearly three decades a woman by the name of Clydene Nee has been deeply involved in Artists' Alley. As lead volunteer for many of those years, she's responsible for the artists: who sits where, what is and isn't allowed, who gets in, who doesn't... She leads volunteers that enforce the rules, keep the aisles clean, and people moving. Set up, take down. The meat and potatoes. The grind. The work. The gears behind the Alley that keep it running smoothly. 

Artists' Alley at SDCC in 2010 was a ghost town. As I do at all Cons, I went to speak to the artists one by one. Hi. I'm Angelo Sotira. I run deviantART. I just wanted to say hello. How is the Con treating you? How is deviantART treating you? My standard fare. I love these conversations, they usually go quite well. 

Just not in San Diego in 2010. These people were angry. And it didn't take many of these interviews to understand why.

"The carpet ends right before the alley, so people don't come here." - Anonymous
"We're like some kind of ugly step child." - Anonymous 
"I can't afford this! It costs money to come here, they're raising rates every few years while providing us with less! I can't justify this for next year, no one comes by our booth so what's the point?" - Anonymous
 "These chairs are breaking our backs. It's 5 days for the Con. I'm 57 years old, I can't sit in a chair like this for 5 days. I go home early, and I'm in pain for a month after I leave." - Anonymous  (This person in particular was IRATE. Yelling. Red in the face.)

Four years ago, Clydene Nee and I were introduced by our mutual friend, DeevElliott, on the floor of the Alley. Like today, my jaw was clenching. Clydene was stern. She was expecting me. I started with my youthful arrogance.

"What is going on here? These artists are angry. I can't tell you how upset I am. This is ridiculous. Why isn't there carpeting? Why don't these artists have decent chairs?" -  
She didn't hear a word. Her stare completely shut me down. I didn't know what to make of her. After a long pause and a deadpan stare, we started to walk. She raised her arms to the side, palms up..
"This is my Garden, and these are my flowers. And I nurture every single one of them. Do you understand?"
What are you supposed to say to THAT? I looked at DeevElliott for comfort, he gave me the raised brow look. It wasn't comforting. It was clear that I was alone now, all Dave could do was bring me to her. He had no intention of stepping on any boundary beyond that.

Needless to say I didn't get a word in edgewise for the next 30 minutes. What became entirely apparent, however, was the strength and commitment of this woman to Artists' Alley. As we walked, I noticed a deep humbled respect given to Clydene by each artist booth we passed. And for the first time in the Alley, just by walking the floor with her, I saw artists extend a sliver of that respect to the guest she was walking with, as well. It was humbling.

A chill came over me as I started to realize the significance of this woman. I connected for the first time to the roots of a community on the floor of Artists' Alley, the depths of which I hadn't scratched. Curiosity. Respect. Intrigue. God, if there's one thing that I love in this world it's the value that a strong community can create for people. 

Comic-Con 2013 - Artists' Alley

It is our third year now sponsoring Artists' Alley. Yes, the deviantART community itself is ultimately responsible for these contributions. The difference is night and day. Just read the comments to this Journal from any participating artist this year. The traffic to the alley is off the charts, the chairs for three years now are comfortable. The black carpeting lines the Alley from wall to wall. Brilliant jumbo-tron screens rotating the artwork and names of the artists in the alley high above. The jumbo-trons are strategically positioned in the aisles so that all the way on the other side of the con, you can see them. This draws people in! And with the greatest pride, the deviantART logo flies high above the deviantART Lounge inside the Alley, inviting artists to come learn and participate.

We're proud to say, this is what Artists' Alley looks like now (in 2012, still getting shots for 2013 which are even better!): 

Comic-Con-ABCs-V by spyed

A pretty bad shot from the entrance to Hall G, but you can see the droves of people: 

SDCC-floor-Alex-Wilson by spyed

The artists point of view, their tables swarming with fans: 

ArtistAlley by spyed

Packed. Absolutely packed! Exactly what deviantART is about; Entertaining, Inspiring and Empowering the Artist in All of us. In this case, we brought the jumbotrons and the carpeting and the seats... the environment in which artists could be empowered, attracting people, creating traffic and therefore allowing artists to thrive. It's basic stuff, but it just wasn't there.

A garden was nourished that had nearly died.

We Love Artists Alley!!!!!

We'd like to thank Comic-Con International for all of the progress we've been able to make together. The Con is swamped each year, and we can understand that help is needed if we're to make things better for the Alley and for Artists. We're thrilled to continue helping to make Artists' Alley the best it can be.

Meanwhile, as Clydene and I embraced in the Alley this year, tears streamed down our faces. There is much that still needs to be done... and we do need your support. So if you were in the Alley, I'm looking for you in our comments area here on this Journal. What was your experience? Share your stories.  

Clydene we want you to know: The deviantART community is here to help water and nurture your flowers. With all of our hearts, we love you and Artists' Alley. You are legend to us. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing strong, and brave, as you are.

Angelo and Clydene by makepictures

A photo from 2011 with me and Clydene Nee. A backpack presented to me by her, signed by all the artists in Artists Alley.

(It's now framed in a glass case at deviantART HQ.)

What was it like?

I'm thrilled to announce that later this year we're going to dig deep in to the roots of SDCC Artists' Alley so we can share the wealth of history in its past. +Watch depthRADIUS for updates on this! 

Check out our updates right from the Con! 

Please Share Your Comments!

All comments are welcome, but also this is a special invitation for all artists participating in Artists' Alley each year. I encourage you to share your experiences here on this Journal in the comments area. Share your stories of the past, tell your tales of the present, as we all look forward to Comic-Con 2014! 

Update: I met George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic-Con! - I got to share this Journal with him, and he confirmed how much he loves MarcSimonetti and the art works he makes, not just the throne but generally. I agree. -- Awesome! And Congrats Marc!! (I can't find the photo of he and I, I'll post it soon!)

Update 2: Turns out, MediaBistro had actually beaten me to the punch on this scoop. Legit!

I'm about to share with you some Game of Thrones awesomeness we discovered thanks to my friend Anand Kishore, but ... first: If you were gracious and responded with the kind of passion many of you did to my deviantART v999 Journal -- Then you should know that to be just as gracious, I've asked danlev and his team to review every response, dive deep to understand exactly what everyone means, and then respond officially to your suggestions. So, thank you! And know that we're taking your feedback very seriously.

Game of Thrones Awesomeness: 

As it turns out, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has a blog titled Not a Blog over at LiveJournal. About a week ago, he posted about the Iron Throne and how the HBO series (which he says he loves) doesn't quite portray the Iron Throne the way that he saw it in his head. Here's a snip from his blog: 

The Iron Throne is DEVIOUS!!!!

It should come as no surprise at this point that deviants are behind the concept work for just about everything in entertainment. The depiction of what the true Iron Throne should look like is no different, with our very own MarcSimonetti (deviant since November 2006) as the artist behind George R. R. Martin's official reference for what the Iron Throne should look like. 

The Iron throne by MarcSimonetti
"This Iron Throne is massive. Ugly. Asymmetric. It's a throne made by a blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords, wrenched from the hands of dead men or yielded up by defeated foes.." - George R.R. Martin, Author, Game of Thrones

For the record, the wide majority of our team here at deviantART are gigantic fans of the show. Nommy smile mini

Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister by imaginism Game Of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen by DaniNaimare 
George R. R. Martin by lost-angel-less


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