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In my last journal, What's going on with DeviantArt, there was a lot of great conversation back and forth and over 400 comments. I read every single one, and my responses started to become repetitive so I stopped.

One of my favorite questions was, "Why do you even want to move Watch out of Notifications? I don't understand why this is so important." So I wanted to address that head on:

Answer: Moar Power. Easier to Use.

The real project here is that we're switching to a Watch that is powered by the same/similar systems Browse is powered by, making it possible to see your Watch as Newest, Undiscovered, Popular, filter by Category, search by keyword, filter by Shop items, Commission items, etc. MUCH MOAR POWERFUL. 

Here's the disconnect:

1. The experience of Browse needs improvement, too.

Browse needs functionality that reinforces why we're all here; To engage with the DeviantArt community, grow in our standing, and otherwise facilitate our creative needs together. The Browse environment is capable of much more and we need to invest resources in improving it so that we can do all kinds of powerful stuff, like:

- See First Deviation Posts easily in any Category.
- Help drive each of you towards Deviants that need Feedback, attention, etc. 
- Help identify deviants who recently posted a deviation and aren't getting attention.
- Help identify deviants who are posting their First Deviation to DeviantArt, which is a big deal. 
- Allow Deviants who post in a category they have never posted in, to connect with other deviants who can welcome them to that category and help them get going.

Once browse is doing these things, imagine how powerful those functions would be for your Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2. The Watch beta didn't take advantage of the Browse back-end before we went to beta. 

There's more work here to demonstrate the power of Watch when powered by Browse/Search instead of Notifications. Literally, we didn't expose those features on the interface of New Watch Beta. We exposed basic functionality for this environment.

What DeviantArt needs to do is shut the heck up, go back and produce a Watch that seriously takes advantage of the Search backend, and then relaunch the Beta so you guys see why we're doing all this stuff. After that, we'll talk again.

Please support us by reading updates like this one, and giving us your feedback and letting us know if you think we're getting it.

-- Spyed

p.s. My spyed account still has value in discussing issues like this. My angelo account continues to be where I put all of my real attention, my art, my points of view on life. But I think keeping spyed for official company stuff is still the right way. I'm definitely having some sort of DeviantArt identity crisis.. LOL
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There's a lot of changes going on with DeviantArt, and we recognize that this is irritating. We don't want it to be irritating, but unfortunately we don't have a choice.

DeviantArt must transform. The live product is failing to interest as many new members as it used to. We've identified many of the reasons for this, and we're making transformative changes to help new users adopt DeviantArt. We especially want new users to come in and Watch Deviants, and begin conversing about Art. Ultimately we want new Deviants to post Deviations and contribute to the community. DeviantArt is meant as the place to support people in the world as they become more creative in their lives. As a community, we represent the journey of being a more creative person. 

The current state of DeviantArt isn't adequately communicating our value to new members. And the products they are using confuse them. We've interviewed new members on the phone, in surveys, via email. We know what the issues are.

To fix these issues DeviantArt is transforming. These transformations are often annoying to existing members. Please don't think we're doing these things to annoy you, we're actually doing these things to improve the community and the ease with which new members can join in on the community. DeviantArt is 15 years old, the world out there has changed a lot over the past 15 years. There are expectations that new members have that older members have become comfortable with.

So. Let's get specific.

We want to remove Watch from inside of Notifications and give it a proper home where it can breathe, and truly allow your Watch to shine. Notifications (where your Feedback and Notices live) will continue on with a similar approach, but will be updated visually to be more attractive. Don't panic, we understand how sensitive such an uplift is. Consider this: We (the team of DA) love the way Feedback works in your Notifications. Everything about it. So the essence of this will not change, but certainly some design tweaks wouldn't hurt it. We also think we can provide a better "All" state that will help you get through your Notifications faster. 

To achieve the extraction of Watch, we run into some dependencies. Things we have to do to get there, especially in light of your feedback to us on the Watch Beta, and the older Watch Beta that's currently live on the homepage.

We understand that it is very important to you to visit your Watch, and see what is New there. The Watch Beta, the other Watch Beta, they both failed at this. They just feed you what's newest, but they don't specifically call out what's changed and what's new in your Watch. And this is a key feature. We would like to do this, but we are having some trouble producing a system that achieves a more powerful method of consuming your watch, while also making it possible to see exactly what is new. This type of thing should be easy. But it isn't. We will solve this, and at that time and with some testing we will roll it out. We will not move Watch out of Notifications until we have proper levels of adoption from long time members so that we know for certain you like the new approach. We aren't there yet. So don't panic. Your Notifications Watch will not change until it is clear in our usage patterns that active, long time members of DeviantArt really like it. We are not there yet.

We are going to put a huge amount of resources on to this problem until we can safely make this transition. We must make this transition. We aim to achieve this over the next 3-4 months. Stating things like, "Don't move the Watch out of Notifications" is not an option. Providing feedback to the staff about how to make the Watch function better than the Notifications Watch is the only option, and it is where we need your feedback. Ultimately, Watch must come out of Notifications. It must. Without this change, the platform of DeviantArt is too difficult for new members to use. All of the data, all of our interviews, all of our traffic models demonstrate that this is the problem.

Don't shoot the messenger. :)

We need your support to do this. So I wanted to explain why we're doing it in hopes that it will bring you to understand the need.

If you have any questions I'm happy to talk to you about it. Some of your questions might be too complicated to answer but I will try my best.

-- Angelo 

tldr; I'm spyed but I'm angelo now. 

Not as big a transition as Caitlyn Jenner, but boy do we both feel better about life. 

I've grown past the stage where I need a pseudonym; I really want to be myself. I'm sure you understand.

I created my online name and persona a long time ago. So long ago, that I no longer identify with it completely. I was Spyed for five years before DeviantArt came to exist, 15 years ago, so you can only imagine how much I've changed in 19 years.

I have been building communities for that long. Imagine that.

Video game boards, ANSI/ASCII boards, WAREZ boards, programming boards, MP3 boards and ultimately the ultimate Art board. Being Spyed was awesome. I will still be spyed here, I'll update with official things from time to time. But if you want to see my more regular activity you'll find it on angelo

It just feels right to do this. I've finally had a chance to really admit that to myself and it feels great. 

I've been facing this issue where I want to be on here as me. I have a lot to say, but it's become harder and harder to say it as spyed. I have to be me, and I have to be comfortable on here. And I'm not..

Every time I reach to DeviantArt to express myself, I encounter this very dichotomy. And it makes me stop and pause and second guess and I've come to realize it's because of Spyed. I'm not spyed. I'm not a ninja. I'm not 20 years old. I'm all growns up people! 

+Watch me, as angelo

-- Angelo 

TLDR; The entirety of DA was physically moved from one place to another over the past 3 weeks. WHA??! Insanity. Here's a video of us shutting down the old colocation facility and feeling pretty good about it.

LONG VERSION; On August 26, 2015, Chris Bolt (chris)  and I went to downtown LA where DeviantArt was hosted to dismantle the last of the colocation facility we inhabited for 13 years. DeviantArt has completed its transition to AWS after a long, long process that has taken chris and his team probably the better part of this year to complete. THANKS PAUL! banks, and JESSICA! petralfireIt's amazing to me how insanely complicated such a transition is, and how little the site was affected by it. We did have a glitch or two, here or there, especially the past 3 weeks, so if you experienced such a thing it was due to this wide scale transition. But on the whole? So smooth. 

This is of course due to the brilliance of my brother from another mother, chris Bolt, Co-Founder of DA, our Chief Architect, and the name sake of The Bolt Award (highest honor given to a team member at DA!). He's perhaps the most important single piece in the proverbial puzzle. Truly the backbone of DA. And so quiet about it, too. You've probably never seen a video of him, this might be the first time. Every single person on Team DeviantArt feels the same about chris Bolt, he's the most lovable person there is. Perhaps on Earth, even. He's just that amazing. 

In the spirit of how things got started, we decided to dismantle the colocation facility together (yesterday) like the old days when we were first building DeviantArt and he and I worked tirelessly on this part of DA for many, many long days and nights. This video probably illustrates the bittersweet vibe about it. I went to the conference room there yesterday and drew my last giant smiley face on the whiteboard, it was a ritual I'd always perform as a way of coping. Ironically the whiteboard markers were pretty much spent! Fitting. I could tell you war stories about this place all day, but I don't want to depress anyone. Ask anyone I've told war stories about this to and they'll tell ya, you don't wanna hear it. LOL 

Here are some photos from wayyyyy back dealing with this ghastly place:

DA Hosting Facility - 4 by spyedDA Hosting Facility - 8 by spyedThe REAL deviantART by Heidi

And a couple from yesterday with Chris:

Untitled by spyedUntitled by spyedUntitled by spyed

Anyway, DeviantArt is now fully transitioned to AWS and ... we have no regrets about it. Check out the video for one more day in the history books!

-- A

For those who are upset about CORE, you're right. We should have made a more formal announcement when we released to express the new CORE brand and what it means to us and you, and if nothing else in the interest of transparency. More information about CORE to follow this week. But even more importantly, you will see the release of many new Timeline elements that will give you much greater transparency into DeviantArt's direction as a whole. 

Let's talk about coffee for a minute. Cuz it's Saturday, and I woke up and thought about coffee a lot this morning.

I bought a Nespresso machine a few months back. Boy do I like it. I also like my french press. The thing is, Nespresso capsules cost $1.10 and make 1 cup, and I tend to drink two cups in the morning. When I wake up, and on the drive to DA HQ. I've had this theory that I should drink Nespresso on mornings that I work, and I should use the french press in the evenings and on weekends when I have more time. Because the nespresso saves me time during the week since it only takes 1 minute to make 1 cup. The french press takes 10 minutes to boil water/wait 4 minutes to brew, and all this. But each cup costs $0.28. Uhh, except you never make 1 cup with a french press, you tend to make 3 at a time or $0.84. Which is great! Because otherwise you'd spend $2.20 a morning with the nespresso!

Clearly you should use a french press. But wait a minute, what about time?

If you make $25 an hour at work, Nespresso costs you $8.34 a month of your time (1 minute, times 5 days, times 4.3 weeks in a month). If you use a french press you'll spend 215 minutes of your month making it, and it'll cost you $89.58 of your time. But that's not entirely fair because you can do other things during that 10 minutes, like brush your hair or teeth. So let's bring that down to half price, or $44.79 in cost for your time. Which is a kind gesture towards french press coffee I'll tell ya, since I hate brushing my teeth before drinking coffee cuz it makes the coffee taste like crap. I save that crappy flavor for the drive. LOL and.... yuck. Err, anyway! 

All together now!

Nespresso costs you $47.30 a month in workday coffee, and $8.34 in time. $55.64
French press costs you $44.70 a month in time, and $18.06 in coffee. $62.76

If you make $12.50 an hour at work, there's no way you should drink Nespresso. But if you make $25 an hour or above, it's probably not a bad determination to drink Nespresso. Either way you're spending $2.70+ a day on coffee if you value your time.

The most important thing you can do is not think about drip coffee, since you can set a timer on the machine and have it make you coffee every day at 7am for the price of french press but the convenience of Nespresso. Because, that would be too smart, and we want to be snobby and pretend that drip coffee doesn't taste just as good. 

Enjoy your Saturday! Drink some coffee and make some art! 

-- A


Due to the nature of DeviantArt it is quite easy to perceive that there's "a lot of people" who are upset with any given thing, enough so that you could even believe that "everyone" believes the same thing.

I felt that perhaps the community would like me to explain how DeviantArt views these types of things.

First of all, DeviantArt, Inc. is extremely deliberate. We don't do anything accidentally. Everything that hits the community is the result of a team collaboration that usually take weeks or months to complete. And so when we make mistakes they are felt by a group here or by our whole team. 

Things you should know:

  1. First of all you must believe that our team is 100% motivated to ensure that DA is healthy, and that decisions we make turn out to be better than how things were before. 
  2. Each decision is likely to affect different pockets of people, and so you will always see the group that's unhappy pool together. 
  3. The happy group is happy, so they don't tend to band together, they just continue on being happy (typically) sight unseen. 
  4. It is our job at DA to know when a decision we've made is a good one or a bad one. We don't just sort of haphazardly release things and hope for the best. We are actually quite addicted to the outcome of our projects. Woah, what a concept. We do this by monitoring feature usage, adoption, conversion, or whatever metrics are important to the project. We do this by looking at membership segments, so we know when something is working for "spectators" or for "active members" or "hyper active members" and so on. 
  5. Throughout our history we've released hundreds of features, and we've reverted dozens of those. We don't have an ego, we just want what is right for DA. 
  6. When a feature or site change proves to not to work, we have a long history of reverting it back. So please, don't believe the hype, look at the past.... (I bet it would fun and valuable to produce an article that chronicles all the features we've reverted. We listen very carefully, and that's a fact.)
  7. If we aren't reverting something, chances are it is working. Sometimes features are working, but continue to be controversial. In those instances there is often a pool of unhappy people who are not (in commenting terms) balanced by the people who are happy. This means that the happy people don't actually step up and say things like, "I LIKE IT" "I'M HAPPY" on the threads posted by angry people who don't like the feature. You probably wouldn't, either. Makes sense.
  8. At DA, each project has a goal. As the years have gone by our goals for success or failure have become clearer and better balanced gracefully between the needs of a business and the needs of an open community. The nature of DA's open platform sometimes makes it seem otherwise, but the right way forward is for you to believe in our team and our track record that when things don't work, we do change it back. When things do work, sometimes it's upsetting that features remain. That's life. But on the whole we are listening to comments, to data, and to results. And that's the only way to lead DeviantArt effectively. 
  9. Never forget that, "Every time we launch a feature, people yell at us."

Anyone who's been here a minute has experience the wrath of an angry mob in response to one of our site features. In fact every day on my personal social media feeds I see a quote that's constantly referenced all over the place. Just look at how many images there are for it. DA and I had nothing to do with these being in existence... other than I guess a quote I gave somewhere a number of years back... 

tumblr l7jbadJawn1qz6pqio1 500 by spyed45-inspiring-quotes-for-startups-30-638 by spyedTumblr Nkc0cxt0ld1rhf0i3o1 1280 by spyed5608f7a8-65a3-4815-88eb-edc7f20d48e9 by spyedQuote-every-time-we-launch-a-feature-people-yell-a by spyed

For years and years just about every day this pops up in my notifications as a quote that's being referenced somewhere in social media.

And it's true. Every time we launch a feature, people yell at us.

It's OK to yell at us, it helps us understand! And sometimes it leads us to revert changes. The community speaks literally, but it also speaks through data. So when you see us acting in ways you don't understand, perhaps you aren't actually on the winning side and there's no way for you to tell. And that's OK, too. Don't take it too personally, we're all here for the overall mission of DA; To Entertain, Inspire & Empower the Artist in All of Us. That's the central cause that must move forward.


Cheers folks, we love you more than you'll ever know. Through the good and the bad, our love for the community never waivers. We work tirelessly to improve DA for you, and so long as you're with us we'll never stop caring deeply. I appreciate all of the comments from members who encourage others to keep a civil tone, sharing our art work and our emotions can only happen in a caring place. That's what DA is meant to be all about.

This is the calm before the storm, by the way. Many big changes are on the horizon and we'll need your support. I'll be referencing this article, and you should, too. Especially when you're happy and agree, in a storm of people who don't.

-- A

In April I wrote a post reflecting on my 15 years at DeviantArt, since the project began in April of 2000 and was launched to the public on August 7th. I went back and re-read what I wrote, and wow, speaking of audacious I'm pretty hardcore in this post. I write from my heart sometimes and then I hit post and that's that. So for our official 15th Birthday I wanted to re-share a link to that post:

All Roads Lead to DeviationIn a week it will be April 15th, 2015. Which in my memory is the day fifteen (15) years ago that we embarked on a new project we'd come to call DeviantArt. jark and I agreed for him to wind down projects on the DMusic Network and instead focus his energy on a similar platform for an emerging group of digital artists we were watching closely as fans. Soon after, he found matteo who was working on an education resource for digital artists known as and asked him for some perspective on the project. As a high functioning digital artist and photoshop master (I believe he had co-authored a book on photoshop by this time at age 18!) matteo (Matthew Stephens) made many contributions to what became DeviantArt at this critical moment, not the least of which was the NAME 'DeviantArt'! But perhaps more importantly the idea to include all artists on the platform, not just wallpapers and art made for customizing your computer. jark created the ability for us to easily create new

And then today, I wrote this reflection for you as a toast & thanks for all the llamas:  

Happy 15th Birthday DeviantArt! We are evolving, and soon we will be able to share exactly how you can be a part of our transformation, ensuring that the DeviantArt we all love grows stronger in supporting the visual & written arts for 15 more years to come! You will soon see us release many years of effort, repositioning DeviantArt from all we have learned over our 15 years of managing the worlds largest creator community.

Thank you for all of your support over the past 15 years as one of our 36 million members, or as one of our 65 million monthly unique visitors who regularly peruse our galleries.

I was 19 when we began and it is the greatest privilege of my life to serve this great community, alongside the DA Team, (both past and present) that have worked with great passion and care for our mission:

To Entertain, Inspire & Empower the Artist in all of us.

Cheers to the DeviantArt Community of kindred people, who express themselves audaciously, producing magnetic deviations that inspire. Grand parents & teenagers, adults of all ages congregate on DeviantArt to enjoy a universal exchange of culture.

The personal experience of managing DA for 15 years is deeply fulfilling, I could not be more grateful.

With love, admiration and great respect,

-- A


I enjoyed this conversation with you guys a whole lot. It gave me an opportunity to say a lot of stuff I've been meaning to. If you stumble into this post from July 2015, it contains a nice snapshot of where the communities politics were at, and what insights I had to provide for members. 

Thank you guys for being civil, and feel free to link people to these answers:

DA and Mobile Traffic - A Direct Response About the DA Website
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The Profile Widgets - What can you tell me about their future?
DDs - Updates to come
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DeviantArt Shoes - What happened to them?
Tags - What is the priority?
Community Moderation - What is the future?
Questions from a Senior Member
Community Services - What's the deal with the Help Desk?
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Desktop - Changes to come
Literature - Exciting changes!

Original Post: 

Happy Saturday! I'm hanging out at home, so I thought I'd have an open conversation. Post anything, I'll reply. It's about 11:30am, I'll be in front of this thing for two hours before I go to my god daughters 7th birthday party! Yay! 

If you're wondering what we're up to, check out the DeviantArt Timeline ( ) -- It might compel you to ask some questions. Or, if there's anything you've been wondering about, ask! 

Here's some food for thought to get you started about the overall state of DeviantArt: 

Our team focuses on two things that matter most to us, the first is our mission to Entertain, Inspire & Empower the Artist in All of Us. We have tackled this notion to the ground, the root sentiment that's marketable, part of our product, and a direct driving force for our team: We are here to nurture your creative nature.

We take this notion and we use it as a lens to drive forward our goals. Our goals are all based off of growth for core active members. This means people like you, if you're here responding. We have millions and millions of "Spectators" on DeviantArt who lurk and check stuff out, they aren't our focus. Our focus is you. The more members, the healthier DeviantArt is.

This is what fuels the projects that go into the timeline. Each timeline post invites a conversation from the community, we absorb the feedback and we directly function against it. Occasionally we get an incredibly confusing mixed bag of feedback, in those cases we refer to data, and sometimes our own intuition to resolve.

This is DeviantArt, Inc. That's what we do.

We're facing some challenges! Most notably, the world is moving to mobile, yet some of you hate mobile. :) At the same time, it's not a joke. DeviantArt two years ago was 12% mobile, it is now 40% mobile. You could do some rough math and learn that we'll be more than 50% mobile in January of 2016, right around the corner. This means our team is investing heavily in building our android and iOS apps, and soon repositioning our mobile web experiences.

Our rebrand last year allowed us to arrive to Our Story - We did this to help us articulate DeviantArt on smaller screens, bigger screens, new platforms, and beyond. We also did this to help absorb more talent into DeviantArt that may or may not be from the community, but to still allow their unique talents to be applied to DA by understanding who we are more easily. This has been very effective, our User Experience and Product teams have permitted us to function the way that I describe above: Completely transparently on all product builds. It's allowed us to institutionalize listening.

We hope you are feeling these constructive effects, but at the same time we're aware that you're facing issues with the platform (Groups, mobile web, message center, and so on) and we're working on each of those. Feel free to ask about specific stuff.

Anyway, ask any questions I'm here to answer for a few hours today!


update: I'm heading to that event, but I have absolutely loved sharing feedback directly to you all, so please keep the questions coming. I'll get to them another time just don't be upset if it isn't as immediate as it has been the past few hours. :heart: 

In a week it will be April 15th, 2015. Which in my memory is the day fifteen (15) years ago that we embarked on a new project we'd come to call DeviantArt. jark and I agreed for him to wind down projects on the DMusic Network and instead focus his energy on a similar platform for an emerging group of digital artists we were watching closely as fans. Soon after, he found matteo who was working on an education resource for digital artists known as and asked him for some perspective on the project. As a high functioning digital artist and photoshop master (I believe he had co-authored a book on photoshop by this time at age 18!) matteo (Matthew Stephens) made many contributions to what became DeviantArt at this critical moment, not the least of which was the NAME 'DeviantArt'! But perhaps more importantly the idea to include all artists on the platform, not just wallpapers and art made for customizing your computer. jark created the ability for us to easily create new categories to facilitate whatever the community wanted us to support. And off we went.

Three months later on July 15th we had our final database build, the one we stuck with. Which is why many O.G.'s at DA joined on "July 15th, 2000". And we launched to the public on August 7th, 2000 so that anybody could sign up and become a "deviant" for free. The rest is history.

In August we will have served our beloved DeviantArt community for fifteen (15) outstanding years. I was 19 years old when we began, and I am 34 years old now. matteo was 18. jark was 29. chris was 17, Heidi was 16. mccann was 24. spot was 20 and joined us at 21 and so on. Incredible to be so young, and to have brought forward a platform that has achieved so much already for millions of artists and art appreciators world wide. Many from that same original group have lived our entire productive lives through the lens of overseeing this great global art community. We're all humbled by this idea, it is a deep honor and a great priviledge. How could we not be humbled? That free sign-up form has been used 35 million times and we've seen well over 300 million 'deviations' posted to our collective community with over 100,000 more each day. Nearly 4 billion comments. But this is nothing compared to the real human stories of the effect of the network, the lives it has impacted, the positivity that it has brought and perhaps even a wholistic change for artists as a unit, bringing forward new opportunties previously unavailable. And that's what it's really all about! 

When I reflect emotionally on the reality of what has happened, it can feel a little sci-fi. I then feel proud, specifically because I believe the world is a little bit better because of DeviantArt. Especially when I reflect on how inaccessable art felt to me as a young person, and how accessible the arts are for young people now. And the last impression I'm left with is an unsettling anxiety, and I know that doesn't seem like where I'd end up but it is true. I'm anxious because the job isn't done, yet the pieces lay before us to be assembled and there's so much more to do. At this point in my emotional reflection I pretty much shut down, squint my eyes, and feel an intensity and I cease to want to think about anything but what will move the needle even more.

The creative class is rising, but the creative class has not risen. When I look toward the future, our collective future ... It's all I want to see before I can give myself permission to rest. Even with a clear picture of how the world should be for creative people, it's remarkable how much inefficiency there is to contend with in bringing about big change. That's the fight, that's the struggle. I read books by people like Tim Ferriss and I think about how to compress 10 years in to 6 months. I'm struggling with that a bit but I enjoy these exercises. ;) 

Heidi, chris, mccann, spot, matteo, jark and all of our founding team members, long time team members and a whole generation of people around our age were fortunate in that we lived in a world that was initially connected through telephone lines, and as we were already teenagers or older we became connected digitally through bare-bones Internet services. We felt excitement and ultimately we felt possession of the Internet each time we'd use it as we felt its potential. And from this formed a responsibility to help craft systems to enable what we felt we wanted to see happen. DeviantArt is just one of those many results that came from a truly loving, optimistic place about people and society and (in our case) Art and Artists.

Every day I work for DeviantArt I have the distinct pleasure of being surrounded and supported by a team of genuinely wonderful people, who happen to have extraordinary skill in their respective fields. People like 4thofficial, makepictures, raincoastchris, randomduck, robinlstrauss, SGonzaleztechgnotic, UltraDad ZevGordoni who lead us, (along with Heidi, chris, mccann whom I've mentioned) and our various directors and managers and team mates who execute dozens of annual projects and perform an outstanding quantity of tasks to bring forward the platform and products that enable DeviantArt to be. Meet Our Whole Team. 

We stand in awe of all of you, and the audacious steps you take in putting yourselves out there in the world to be seen and recognized creatively. In doing so, you are sharpening your perceptions of both reality and your imagination simulteanously. You are training your minds to communicate with people. It all starts small, but as you grow your +Watch lists and your pageviews in this endless game we've all come to play together, you are inspiring others with your ideas and therefore contrubting to the spinning of a wheel of creativity that is spinning faster, and faster, and faster because of you, and this wheel produces the most important intangible element in the human experience: Inspiration. 

Inspiration is the key to the entire notion of progress. And progress is the currency that fuels so much of the good in our lives. 

Your meaning as a community, fellow deviants, is yet to be fully understood by sociology and by history. But fifteen years from now as a full generation has felt your effect it will all be undeniable. Stories like the story of Star Trek have inspired the communicators we each have in our pockets. We were promised hover boards in Back to the Future and we even have those now. We've imagined traveling to Mars in many films and concept pieces, and now we're headed there, too.  The examples are endless. But the root of Inspiration is present in each one. 

You see, your deviations have been inspiring ideas all of these 15 years at a scale that is incomprehensible. Sometimes you know about it, most of the time you probably don't. But as we meet the people behind world famous film studios, tv shows, video game companies, tech companies, and all manner of key contributors to modern society I learn of your impact, over and over, and over again. Deviants of all kinds and in great numbers are inspiring people in ways that only a few designers, artists and mainly writers could do in generations past. The conceptual illustrations that were (sometimes) acceptable enough to society to be published by few names of stature occasionally through book or broadcast, are now vibrantly making their way into our lives at a scale that cannot be compared to any other point in all of human history. 

UPDATE: Just after publishing this, I learned that Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, Paypal, etc. added deviantart to the short list of now 47 accounts he follows on Twitter even though he has nearly 2 million followers after Faving this article about Future Tech that we published featuring DA works. Did he pick up an idea for how a Hyperloop station might look in the process? Hehe he should. ;) 

Meanwhile, all of the other platforms that have emerged to interconnect us are helping artists and pretty much all forms of function in the world at the same time. As a result, all of the wheels of society are spinning faster, and faster toward all kinds of progress both good and bad. Sometimes I think to myself, it's a good thing DeviantArt was first! If we jump started an inspiration wheel, perhaps as the future happens and history is told we will have widened the right receptors in society just in time. And I also ponder that perhaps for the first time in history, artists were first to be served by a major advance in technology; the networked world! This single idea facinates me, because it represents the turning of a new leaf. A new chapter in history where perhaps creatives can rise in society to an appropriately respected level, previously inhibited by the impracticality of distributing art and ideas. We've lost too many brilliant deviants at the age of 17 to angry parents who want their children to be doctors and lawyers. This breaks my heart each time I see it happen. Yet I know in my heart how shortsighted those parents are, and how a coming generation might grow up without this stigma around being an artist. 

That's the day we live for here at DeviantArt.

Fifteen years later, I see You every single day as I refresh the NEWEST FEED, which represents to me the purest, rawest, unedited, unfiltered, uncensored (if even for a moment) vantage of the current of creativity that exists in the world, I see the beauty of humanity across all age groups. To have lived nearly most of my life through this lens, and to know that this same lens is available to everybody in the connected world is truly the most meaningful feeling in my entire human experience to date. I just don't know how else to say that.

We're going to see to it that for many years to come, DeviantArt grows, thrives, and persists in being like no other place you've ever seen. Accepting all artists, from anywhere in the Universe, to have a free and open place to be together.

From here, all roads lead to deviation. To differences in the norms that have been accepted, yet remain unacceptable. To DeviantArt itself which is seeing and will continue to see many pending, highly constructive changes. To new platforms we'd like to assist artists in transitioning to, as digital art screens are soon to rise providing the potential for financial and distribution opportuntiies that could sustain artists in ways never seen in 35,000 years. 

For creative people everywhere, this is by far the best time to be alive. The future is bright. The potential is limitless. So if you're wondering what you can do yourself to help move things along, I have a prescription for you that I think will help a great deal. Don't worry, it'll be easy for this lot. But we need your help spreading the message ;) 

A Prescription for Deviousness:

Create. Every. Day. And sincerely encourage those around you to do the same. 

Practice is the finest art. And when your creativity blocks it can be very frustrating. But you don't have to resume what you created yesterday if you can't; Instead, create something new today.  And don't bother over-estimating what creating something is. To view art is creative. To listen to music is creative, too. To stand on a porch and perceive all that is around you can, in itself, improve your ability to perceieve. How closely are you looking? What are you really absorbing with your eyes, your ears, your senses? What is really happening? Is it the same as what you think is happening? Perception is what it is all about in the end for all humans, and art happens to be a perfect practice towards improving your own perceptions and those of others. All art and all creation is about perceiving. This ability lends a path, and when you follow that path to deviousness it leads to the greatest wealth in life.

Don't ever let yourself take that from you by saying things like, "I'm not an artist." Don't let anyone else take that from you by discouraging your art.  

When you reflect on it all the day that you pass... it's the reflect part!

“A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions” 
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

We have these new temporary tattoos of the DeviantArt logo :rabbithole: floating about the office, and I either put one on my arm or I draw one on my arm or I draw one somewhere... we even made stamps! And it's a mark that's starting to become a bit of a religion for me. It reminds me to create every day, and I do. Viewing myself as an artist is a newer idea to me, perhaps only 5 years old. Before that, I would say things like, "I'm not much of an artist." or "Nah, our members are too good! I can't compete with them it would be embarrasing!" 

Today I'm embarrased I said stuff like that. I wasn't perceiving things well. I'm actually sorry about it. I hadn't given myself the space I needed to grow creatively, and so I took on daily practice and what's happened to me since is endlessly fulfilling.  The study of light has come in to my life more recently and I'm endlessly passionate about it. With whatever time I have to dedicate. I want to meet you all, and hand you a pen, and say "Draw me a masterpiece" as draweverywhere always asks me to do. The effect is inspiring! 

A toast.

To fifteen more years of Creating Every Day, my friends!

To fifteen more years! 

-- Angelo 


Questions I have:

1. Why do you create every day?

2. How does DeviantArt help you to create every day?

3. Is there anything you'd like to see me do at DA that would help you? 

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and that you've got 2015 off on the right foot. This is pretty important, because in many cases we all have lots to do for school, work, or life, and for many of us this takes us away from our Creative Goals! Unless ART is your profession, chances are you have to find ways to incorporate a more creative lifestyle just like you would a workout routine! We're all trying our best.

Have you made plans to incorporate more creativity into your life in 2015? 

I have. I'm taking more photos and posting them regularly using the new DeviantArt Mobile App, and I'm placing my Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid next to the TV so that I can draw while watching mindless television. I will continue (like last year) to sketch and draw whenever I'm traveling on airplanes, or whenever I need to prepare for a logically oriented task. I recommend drawing for 15 minutes before you do your math homework! It really seems to help me before I look at spreadsheets and stuff.

What do you plan to do to lead an even more creative life in 2015?

Meanwhile, a quick photoblog from the break. Viktoria, Bentley, Royce and I Airstreaming through Arizona from California for a couple of weeks beginning December 20th through January 3rd. We planned to drive much farther, but Arizona was so nice we just hung around! We stopped in Sedona, Lake Roosevelt, Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, Lake Havasu, the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, Phoenix, and even a crazy Hot Springs RV Resort full of nude people. :woah: 

Untitled by spyed
This photo is real, taken at night, no filters, straight from the camera. Joshua Tree, and our Airstream for the week! 
Untitled by spyed
The pups gettin' some chow in the morning after arriving to Roosevelt Lake. 
Untitled by spyed
Viktoria and I having some fun in Sedona. We'd never been, really pretty place! 
Untitled by spyed
We fell in love with the Airstream that we rented. Home away from home! And we came back super relaxed..Untitled by spyed
Campfire after campfire, we substituted ghost stories for funny stories and laughed our asses off! This was Xmas Eve.Untitled by spyed
Off-roading in Sedona.
Untitled by spyed
Hangin' in the Airstream on a day Viktoria had to report to work remotely. :) 
Untitled by spyed
Bentley (foreground) & Royce rest after running wild through Joshua Tree National Park! 
Untitled by spyed
I kept the shutter open for a few seconds on this one, so you can see the stars we were seeing! Untitled by spyed
Toying around with a green laser, Bentley, & the 5D MII with an open shutter. Untitled by spyed
Untitled by spyedUntitled by spyed
Untitled by spyed
I like this the best... where'd it go? Oop, there it is! 
Untitled by spyed
The dam between Roosevelt and Apache lakes in Arizona. 
Untitled by spyed
Untitled by spyed
Untitled by spyed
And from a distance. Heavenly! 
Untitled by spyed
Breakfast / Roosevelt Lake.
Untitled by spyed
Found a junk yard and photo bombed it! Dork! Untitled by spyed
Anyone play Catan? We love it. Bentley does too, which is why he's yawning.....Untitled by spyed
Crossing the real London Bridge in Lake Havasu. It fell down! ... And ended up in Arizona?? This is a job for Wikipedia to explain... 
Untitled by spyed
"Um, if you want me to get in this car you're gonna have to lift me." - Princess Royce
Untitled by spyed
Royce wants to play... this could get seriously fun! 
Untitled by spyed
Pontoon boat fishing! We caught friggin' NUTHIN'! haha It was fun tho! 
Untitled by spyed
Our xmas tree was this chair hammock with solar xmas lights we wrapped it in! :) 
Untitled by spyed (1) by spyed
Untitled by spyed

Cheers everyone!!
-- Angelo 

Do you guys think we should just use emoji in mobile?

Should we translate emojis to DA equivalent emotes?

Or should we let you do both, even if it means emojis might take over on DA?

Hard questions...

-- A

The Shape of Things to Come

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 6:26 PM

You want change on DeviantArt.  Everyone here has something they would change.  We do listen and, yes, we can’t get everything done. Still, as a community, with any change we change together because we are all here together.  

We found major talent to join the DeviantArt team this year to help us assume responsibility for major change and deliver on it.  In return, we will be calling on the whole community to exercise its responsibility of continuing to shape DeviantArt into the place where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.

DeviantArt is as binary as it is digital in its platform.  We serve equally those who produce art as those who need to see art and engage with it.  Creating the undercurrent is a function of tools as much as it is a function of community activity.  Getting these two to work in unison has always been the secret sauce of DeviantArt  and every recipe for the sauce begins with the community.

This is the shape of things to come.

New Mobile App!

They wanted me to say “new” Mobile App but really it’s not new, it’s the “amazing” Mobile App! As you all know it will be our very, very first official DeviantArt Mobile App. You’ll be able to access the entire community from your mobile devices. You’ll be able to submit art as you see it. You’ll be able to connect and browse endlessly. It’s a whole new way to experience DeviantArt.  It will turn the undercurrent towards a massive flood of creativity. When?  You won’t have to wait long.

New Site Features

There are several new site features that are all designed to liberate creative expression and advance this community:

Art curators are the unsung heroes of DeviantArt. Collections display breathtaking, thought-provoking, emotional and brilliant galleries gathered from, and then dedicated to, the community.  You’ll get to watch Collections as they happen! Collections will be given a bigger role on the site with increased visibility, new discovery tools, and a showcase to highlight the best of the best.

The Today Page:
This is where you will want to have your morning coffee. Every day, the Today page editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations about this community and its impact, pulsing into the undercurrent as the heartbeat of DeviantArt. When DeviantArt first launched and for years later it had a news section.  The Today page brings that back to an audience that has grown immeasurably in size influence and interests.  The scope is immense.

Activity Feeds:
As we designed for Mobile we understood we needed something more streamlined and direct to carry the flow of what you want to watch. The Activity Feed, already with our beta testers, is a real-time sequential delivery of every Journal, deviation, Collection, Status Update, Poll, Forum thread and Critique posted by your watchlist. From the Activity Feed you can comment or you can post new Status Updates. Keep in mind, we love the robust tools in the Message Center and it's not going away.  

Status Updates:
We’ve now added the ability to post short Status Updates to your profile or to the Activity Feed as an alternative to using Journals. It’s another push from our designs for Mobile. The simple and direct format of a Status Update lets you create informal conversations with your watchers; something Deviants have needed and requested for a long time.  Use these to share how you’re feeling, what you think about, what you’re working on, or to link your watchers to the work of an artist you love. On the Mobile App you’ll be able to use them on the go. Our new Tags will also work in Status Updates.

New Site Navigation:
New navigation will make it easier to jump in and explore the full range of DeviantArt. Everything related to Your Account will be grouped together on the right side of the page. Undiscovered, What’s Hot, Activity Feed and Today will be separated from Browse and Search to highlight and more clearly reflect their functions. The Browse bar will scroll down the page with you  a kind of obvious convenience we will try to focus on across the board as we introduce fresh design. This is the kind of change that does require time to get used to. My bet is in seven days you’ll be fine.

We’ve already launched the beginnings of Tags on DeviantArt.  Tags let you group deviations, Journals, Status Updates, and comments by subject instead of category and will let you add them to other subject groupings. All content with the same Tags are grouped onto Tag pages that let you follow the full activity of the community on a given subject.  We’ve missed a way to connect the DeviantArt community with trending events. When you dip into the undercurrent, Tags are a way to do it with passengers.  

Daily Deviations:
We are giving new prominence to Daily Deviations lifting them up off of the footer. It’s amazing work from every corner of the community and it belongs up-front and center! In the Mobile App they will be available as a separate browse category and the same change will be made on the website in the new Header as a part of the new site navigation.  

A Fresher Look and Feel

All of these changes, particularly Mobile, made us re-examine the way the site looks and feels. As we design these new features and functions, the look on the site will be cleaner and simplified.

In early feedback we have heard concerns that DeviantArt will look like Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr. That’s not our shape to come.  Mobile is here, and we have to be ready to function within that platform and its conventions. We will start pushing Mobile to do things just like we pushed the Web. On our way, it may look like we are conforming to others; but, DeviantArt will always be devious.

We went through a deep process of re-examination and definition over the past months.  Some of that came out in the Celebrate DeviantArt's 14th Birthday Journal. Now you will actually begin to see a re-imagined us.

It’s time for change, both actual and symbolic.  We intend to seize this time together. We will in fact:

Let's bring it back to the old school my peoples. The days when we'd write real Journals, and link to all kinds of stuff on the Internet like as if we were Google. Get your scroll wheel ready, web-style.

DeviantArt is on a M)&H3R 4/_|<126! RAMPAGE!  A NEW Beginning. If you knew what I know, you'd already be screaming. The reavening is upon us and there is no where to hide. Thanks for your feedback on the SNEAK PEEK of the new Today page, btw. We've reviewed all comments, made changes, and will be ready to share more soon, so keep an eye out! Another comp set from The NEW DeviantArt is on its way to you soon. ;) 

Comic-Con 2014, July 24-27th

Let's talk Comic-Con in San Diego, California, USA

DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm
(official poster by Artgerm)
(many thanks to makepictures for MOST of the photos in this article)

This year at #SDCC, we brought the Thunder!
Comic Con 2014 118  2  By Makepictures D7szund By  by spyed
^ Does this guy look like he had a good time??? You will too as we journey through 
DeviantArt's Artists' Alley, and take a look at our Superstars of DeviantArt, We
The Fandom
and Fan Art Law PII panels.  The first appearance of FELLA, the launch
of MILK FOR THE UGLY to riveting success, and 
my girlfriend o-KOUKLA-o inspired,
scared and twisted Comic-Con as The Joker with
her friend Diana as Bane!

The DeviantArt / Madefire Preview Night Party!

Thunder wasn't all we brought, we also brought Madefire to the creator world during this
con, and here's the party that  kicked that off! Wait, is that a line around the block? 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhe1 by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2so F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
Fo-ffo-ff-fo-fOR DAYS, Jr.!!! Angry Sheep V1  The Madefire crew, a DevMeet, the SDCC Artists' Alley,
and a heap of industry and press friends lined up for the open bar.

... And the killer company. :) 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhf1 by spyed
Comic Con 2014 112  3  By Makepictures D7szuk5 By  by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhbp by spyed
^ fella, Cloud9hoodie, then a rare photo of spyed and the lovely LaurenKitsune!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhul by spyed
^ RARE SUPERSTAR MOMENT! DeviantArt's Stanley ' Artgerm ' Lau
and the MEGA POPULAR Alice X. Zhang, aka alicexz !!!!!!!!!!!!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh6t by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhye by spyed
^ Check out marioluevanosxraystyle !!!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhg9 by spyed
^ spyed and CEO/Co-Founder of Madefire, BenWolstenholme reviewing the stunning
work of a deviant who goes by the name of Zirngibl We were riveted. A true highlight of
the evening to meet such a talented woman. Check out her work she is seriously one of
my new absolute +Favorite artists. +Watch, +Love. And you'd be silly if you weren't 
+Watching BenWolstenholme ... surely you realize this. ;) 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh91 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhk7 by spyed
^ Awww... ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Keight123 on the left photo/right side 
with her friends, and madizzlee & bittygirla 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhcv by spyed
^ Say hello to our kick ass tattoo stencilers! 
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhjn by spyed
^ Is that the infamous Uwe Maurer, CEO of ArtRage ?  We love your natural painting
software, Mr. Maurer! Thanks for coming!

DeviantArt Presents ... Milk for the Ugly, on Madefire!

We're very, very proud to Present this motion book on many, many levels. Our first major
hit with MADEFIRE from the community, but that's only the beginning. This is now
the #1 Motion Book on the Madefire platform. Greater viewership than Batman
My Little PonyTransformers and all other titles found right here on DeviantArt right
along side our very own vesner & akreon's Milk for the Ugly

Untitled By Shyree-d7syh9u by spyed
^ vesner & akreon, authors of the BRILLIANT Milk for the Ugly motion book get 
glomped by our very own damphyr from the upcoming We The Fandom series that's
as of now un-announced. Whoops.

Milk-for-The-Ugly-Credits by spyed

Stats? As of today with the Book & Article combined:

16,136 +Faves

The world is changing. Creators are directly in charge. And Milk for the Ugly is the
spark on DeviantArt that Madefire.


But don't take it from me, let's ask the media!

"Batman calls for new friends [deviants!] to create 'motion book' comics"

- theguardian

Screenshot 2014-08-01 15.19.01 (1) by spyed

"DeviantArt Comic Beats Batman in Motion Comic Marketplace."

- The Escapist

"Milk for the Ugly Gets Read 400,000 Times in Four Days, 
Kicks Batman and Pony Butt. Best Motion Comic to Date?"

- Bleeding Cool

"In conjunction [with] DeviantArt, [Madefire] rolled out its
Web-based Creator Tool, letting individual artists and authors
create new stories that can be published on the Web within minutes."

- The Next Web (TNW)

Screenshot 2014-08-06 18.59.43 by spyed

"Angelo Sotira, founder of DeviantArt, holds up
one of the latest books published on Madefire."

- c|net

"Madefire [is] rolling out the ability for creators
and publishers to produce what it calls "print books" --
straightforward digital comics with conventional
page layouts and no multimedia frills."

- Fast Company

Fella Makes a GRAND Entrance! 

For the first time ever....... Introducing.... FELLA!!! 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhbw by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhc1 by spyed
Fella Plushie by deviantWEARPimping the Fella Plushie by ohnojayloFella with Holga by Sting1.fella:paper.version. by candymax
FELLA making his first real world appearance other than in plushie form for the first
time in history! Appropriate, we think. In case you are wondering, he's the most
loving soul on Earth and hugging him felt great! 
I love deviantART! 

Untitled By Shyree-d7syhug by spyed
^ He's even learned a new instrument since the release of DeviantArt v7 in 2010!
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2kj F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyedComic Con 2014 113  3  By Makepictures D7szukb By  by spyedComic Con 2014 125 By Makepictures D7szuoi By Bitt by spyed
Did he get his hugs on?? Heck yah! That's how Fella rolls!  


DeviantArt Artists' Alley 2014

Photos apparently can't do this thing justice on the whole, but if you put it all 
together in your mind from all the pieces here, you'll appreciate the beauty 
of what is happening in Artists' Alley. Please be sure to read my past journal 
about this alley called: The Love that Binds SDCC's Artists' Alley. A million 
thanks, and all our love to clydene - always!

Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2wt F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
^ We're missing makepictures in this photo - But without him, and without
techgnotic who is standing next to me here, we couldn't pull off Artists Alley each
year. SO, a great big thank you to both makepictures and techgnotic - Always 
amazing, always a pleasure.
Comiccon 1  149 By Makepictures D7szusq By Bittygi by spyedUntitled By Bittygirla D7sz2x1 F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ Ahh... There's makepictures on the left! We're just getting warmed up.
Comiccon 1 146 By Makepictures D7szus7 By Bittygir by spyed
I sincerely want you to see how packed the Alley was this year. But in an epic fail,
we didn't actually capture many long or wide shots this time around. If you were at 
the con and you nabbed some, please link them for us! Yikes!!!! This video I took
is pretty much the only one. Sorry it's not that great! 

Comiccon 1 145 By Makepictures D7szus1 By Bittygir by spyedComic Con 143 By Makepictures D7szuta By Bittygirl by spyed
Comic Con 142  3  By Makepictures D7szuwz By Bitty by spyedComic Con 143  2  By Makepictures D7szuw6 By Bitty by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2lw F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ LiamSharp - Chief Creative Officer for Madefire.
Truly a gentleman and a scholar. Here he tells us the ways of life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ... in bed!

Quite seriously, Liam's contributions to the DeviantArt community recently absolutely
astound me. Perhaps one of the most important conversations happening on 
DeviantArt, and easily the most important conversation happening in the entire 
comic book industry is the one that is happening right now on LiamSharp's Journal.
Go to his Journal and start with a post written on June 4th titled, "I Got Angry."
Engage in the dialog. Read what people are saying in response. Why? Because if
you want to be on the bleeding edge of storytelling, LiamSharp is the key to the door
of the future.
Comic Con 2014 115  1  By Makepictures D7szujz By  by spyed
Photo by spyed
^ My kick ass girlfriend o-KOUKLA-o who scared the hell out of everybody with our 
friend Diana Rios as Bane. Aren't they lovely? I think so. 
Comic Con 141  4  By Makepictures D7szuwn By Bitty by spyed
^ Ahh, the love of my life.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1yf F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
Mr. BenWolstenholme drawing the ladies during the Madefire Cosplay sketching 
Comic Con 2014 124 By Makepictures D7szuoc By Bitt by spyedComic Con 142  2  By Makepictures D7szuvw By Bitty by spyed
What up madizzlee & Cloud9hoodie - Srsly hardcore.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2hy F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
:heart: damphyr 
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2km F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyedComic Con 143  3  By Makepictures D7szux1 By Bitty by spyedComic Con 141  2  By Makepictures D7szutm By Bitty by spyed
techgnotic, merhej and I. bittygirla, LaurenKitsune and a rare recent shot of
Heidi and I!
Comic Con 2014 114  1  By Makepictures D7szujr By  by spyedComic Con 2014 133 By Makepictures D7szuq9 By Bitt by spyed
madizzlee is a badass Link! While LaurenKitsune Cosplays as Isabela from 
Dragon Age 2!
Comic Con 2014 115  2  By Makepictures D7szuku By  by spyed
Comic Con 2014 123 By Makepictures D7szuo1 By Bitt by spyed
Thank you wacom for providing Cintiq's for deviants to use at the 'Con! We also had
 our very favorite autodesk-sketchbook running on all machines with the lovely and
inspiring reneedicherri from Autodesk hanging out in case anyone had questions! 
Comic Con 143  1  By Makepictures D7szutx By Bitty by spyedComic Con 2014 130 By Makepictures D7szupn By Bitt by spyed
^autodesk-sketchbook in action!
BTW the NEW Sketchbook is out, and I'm just insanely in love with it. Worth your
time to check it out or to upgrade your copy! autodesk was with us in Artists Alley
this year and the artists using their software were just raving about it.
It's a new day in the digital arts! Go 
autodesk-sketchbook go!  
Comic Con 2014 137 By Makepictures D7szur3 By Bitt by spyedComic Con 2014 131 By Makepictures D7szupv By Bitt by spyedComic Con 2014 132 By Makepictures D7szuq3 By Bitt by spyed
Comic Con 144 By Makepictures D7szuu3 By Bittygirl by spyed
^ This dude was rockin'! 
Comic Con 2014 121  1  By Makepictures D7szuns By  by spyed
^ Well aren't these the cutest kids at the Con! Especially Lily.. errr I mean the 
one in the middle! Errr.. I mean the random kids we took photos of! ;P 
Comic Con 142  1  By Makepictures D7szutw By Bitty by spyed

Our Kick-Ass Comic-Con Panels 

Our 2014 panel line up was fantastic. Excellent turn outs, great panelists, all 
around a wonderful thing that we're very proud to provide for Comic-Con each year!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 8.48.02 PM 2 by spyed

Kay And Julie Shipping 165 By Makepictures-d7t0qfr by spyed
aunjuli and damphyr brought squeels of joy out of their We The Fandom panel 
audience.  They're so sweet, charming, lovely and full of fandom! And not to mention, 
these wonderful ladies are coming soon to a Today page near you! 

Comic Con 146  1  By Makepictures D7szuxj By Bitty by spyed
Comic Con 146 By Makepictures D7szuul By Bittygirl by spyed

Comic Con 2014 113  4  By Makepictures D7szumf By  by spyed
In order, THE LiamSharp, vesner, akreon, spyed, techgnotic, yuumei 
and Artgerm
Comic Con 2014 116  2  By Makepictures D7szun4 By  by spyedComic Con 2014 115  3  By Makepictures D7szumz By  by spyed

Comic Con 2014 113 By Makepictures D7szuhh By Bitt by spyed
^ Wish I had more photos from this one. Great panel with the Madefire team 
BenWolstenholme LiamSharp nunyerbidniss 
along with davegibbons (most notably known for The Watchmen.) 
and vesner / akreon (Milk for the Ugly)

Unfortunately as of this writing I don't have any photos for two of the panels, 
I will be updating once I do. They are the FANS, LOVE, AND THE LAW panel, 
and the MAYA 3D MODELING SOFTWARE ft. FELLA panel. They were great!


What else happened??
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhs3 by spyed
Is that the legendary Kim Jung Gi
Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 1.17.16 AM 2 by spyed
Artgerm says that he just can't stand this guy because there is simply nothing 
to learn from him. he explains; how can you learn when Kim Jung Gi simply 
walks up to a blank canvas, and draws an entire world without any process at all!
he sees his drawing in his mind, and he puts it to paper directly. there is no 
process! you can't learn when there is just genius, and no process! - great point. 
And I hear he may be joining DeviantArt soon, so you can be marveled and learn 
nothing from him other than f34r of true, raw, hardcore deviousness. muahaha;) 

It was an honor to meet you, sir! we hope you will join our community and offer 
whatever you are willing, to our humble and loving home of DeviantArt!
Pl02-1 2 by spyed

Speaking of Artgerm - Check out the key-art for the Comic-Con campaign that he 
made for us. A few weeks back, it topped the Popular 24 hour charts when 
he posted this:
DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm
^ Feel free to download, print and use however you like (for personal use).
Thank you Artgerm!!!!! :iconartgerm:
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz2tm F By Endosage-d7t0n by spyed
Chunli Style by ArtgermPepper Robot II by ArtgermPepper Delivery by ArtgermBatgirl 12 by ArtgermMother of Dragons by Artgerm
^ A few pieces from Artgerm's gallery!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh5p by spyed
^ Is that CliffyB? Mr. Cliff Bleszinski? THE Design Director of UNREAL TOURNAMENT
and the entire UNREAL franchise? And if that isn't enough, the GEARS OF WAR
franchise? Check out our visit to Epic Games  from a few years ago with the now
super famous rebel princess Meg Turney! techgnotic notic and I kinda spaz out over GOW.
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh6a by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syheu by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh8i by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syha0 by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh73 by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhl3 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhi5 by spyed
^ ARTofANT in the house!!</u>
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhq9 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhrn by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhj5 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhnh by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhnd by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhfc by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh97 by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhen by spyed
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhku by spyed
^ FREE DeviantArt Messenger Bags! WAHHHH I WANTED ONE!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhju by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhkj by spyed
^ ZevGordoni on the left, left. The delightful pinguino on the right!
Untitled By Shyree-d7syh9i by spyedUntitled By Shyree-d7syhie by spyed
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1we F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed\
^ Iron Man checks out and heads to Malibu.
Untitled By Bittygirla D7sz1u3 F By Endosage-d7t0m by spyed
^ It has been an EPIC Comic-Con.
Comic Con 2014 108 By Makepictures D7szugo By Bitt by spyed
^ Fella is off to sleep.
Untitled By Shyree-d7syhy7 by spyed

Thanks for reading. ;)

Deviousness for life,


- spyed 


The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:01 AM
The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

When you're young, your teenage years can't come soon enough. Thirteen was fun, but with a whole year as a teenager under your belt, you start to get perspective on what it means to grow up. You're not there yet, but the path ahead is clear and inspiring.

At 14, you start taking on responsibilities and testing out maturity, while continuing to reach for the stars and fostering the creativity that's such an integral part of your life.

DeviantArt's 14th birthday marks the ushering in of this new chapter. For the past year, we've gained perspective on where our journey should lead us next, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you and have you with us every step of the way.

We are where art starts

We are where art starts, but that is only the beginning. We are a community for the creative in everyone to develop and heighten their personal sense of taste, but that's not where it ends. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression.

We believe that art is for everyone, and we're creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered and shared.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity.

The Global Undercurrent of Creativity

We provide endless entertainment and inspiration. This is where you see it first. This is where whatever you're into, no matter how niche, is embraced and expressed by a dedicated community of likeminded creatives. This is where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.


There's no other place like DeviantArt. We are an unapologetically addictive experience. Our world is a prolific orgy of originality where creatives enjoy freedom of artistic expression. We are the deviation of creativity that shatters the confines of expectation. We can't help it — it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.

Bleed and Breed ArtAngelo Sotira (Spyed) DeviantArt CEO and Co-Founder
Questions for the Reader

And now we turn to you for the next step in our journey. Where should we head next? What would you like to see the DeviantArt community accomplish in the future?

As I noted in my last journal, there are some big -- and exciting!! -- changes on the way for deviantART. Er, DeviantArt.  :P (Lick)

The team here at DeviantArt continues to listen to your feedback plus we met with a crew of super-deviants in NYC last month (check out a pic below :-) (Smile) and got a full, insightful download.  Then, we thought long and hard on how to pave a kindred and inspiring direction.  As always, you are the center of it all -- and how to connect you with your community.  

Ok, getting into it, I want to share a sneak peek on work-in-progress (as in not final!) designs for the new Today page and to hear what everybody thinks.

Fella Version                            Llama Version

Hp10 by Leelor     Today-page Dark by marioluevanos   

Our intent with the new Today page is to better connect you with other deviants in a much better looking page (yes, a design refresh was overdue!).  

What do you think?  We’re listening!
  • What excites you about the Today page’s redesign?  
  • What would you change?
  • What kind of content would you like to see represented?

-- A  Spyed (deviantART CEO)

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.40.36 PM by danlev
Deviants in New York City give feedback on the new Today Page design.

We're going to be DeviantArt, officially. But you can always call us deviantART. You'll get to be retro, and that's always... well, retro! This goes for DA and dA, too.

It was nice to see Moonbeam13 and starvingartist today in Toronto. We got some lunch. Then 'Beam was nice enough to drive me to the airport with Rob. :wave: Rob! Happy Birthday Moonbeam! :party: 

I'm in the sky eating a banana at the moment. I wonder what monkeys would make of me eating a banana at 30,000 feet. Let alone journaling on DA from here.

I was in Toronto visiting Autodesk, and the teams behind Sketchbook and Pixlr and other awesome apps they have. What wonderful people. I really enjoyed seeing what they're up to, it's all very exciting.

I've been hanging out on #devart on dAmn today, and I asked Pickley to pull together all the best scripts and projects out there that improve dAmn. This way DA can consider buying the code, interfaces, etc. and see if we can implement the changes so that everyone gets the improvements. Poor dAmn, doesn't get enough attention from our team. And it pretty much won't for a while, DA is focused on DA itself. So Reaper-X and I were talking about how to bring some fresh blood on to the dAmn network and so I have an idea for him in about a month leveraging some new features that will launch. (Remind me dude, I get busy like crazy! If I go dark on you, hit up LaurenKitsune to nudge me, K?)

Things got twisted for a minute around here. That's about the best way I can say it. It's going on a year now that we're back on track, and you guys are about to get a load of changes to reflect that. All summer, all winter. Changes, improvements, and more changes. Welcomed changes. Happy changes. At least on the whole. You know how it is, people will freak out at stuff. But we're doing quite a bit of user testing, and the feedback from fellow community members and random people alike is suggesting we're hitting this on the head. Heidi and danlev led such a session with Ian in NYC a couple days ago. Can't wait to hear this batch of feedback when I get to HQ tomorrow.

I've been sharing some of our plans (and will continue to) with our many long time friends to be sure we're getting a thumbs up from them. So far the briefings have been focused. But as we get to alpha/beta levels (soon) where there's even more transparency for what will happen I'm gathering feedback from everyone who will talk to us. 

Anyway folks, I don't want to bore you. Happy to chat in the thread below a bit. I read everything, I can't always reply.

Oh yeah, we're launching iOS and Android sometime in September, we think. Loads of marketing activity will obviously follow with all the details, but I just wanted to set that as the approximate time frame in case you were wondering.

You weren't wondering about mobile, were you? hehe

-- A  

Have you guys seen Whisper or Secret? Reminds me of DeviantArtSecret but in App form. 

I wrote this article for Check it out and let me know what you think!…

-- A

I had so much fun with this activity, we need to do it more often!

All right, first, let's take a look at ALL the entries!

The first group was uploaded onto the original poll itself, which was a nice mix of the eventual winners:

Sexy Fish Person & Llama Cat: 

Sexy Human Fish by SrGrafo       Llamacat by damphyr

And not a finalist, but sometimes you just have to include a Fish Hamster:

Fishhamster by endosage

Now that the game was on and the two inspirational prompts were chosen, the comments and mentions came pouring in! Check them out!

Sexy Fish Person by Nyiana-sama Llama kitten by BananaBu Untitled Drawing by Aiko-Hirochosexy fish by PsyDraws Untitled Drawing by Tainted-IceUntitled Drawing by nebulAeva Untitled Drawing by Kite04 Eve's Llama Kitten For Spied :P by TheGalleryOfEve Untitled Drawing by hulliaUntitled Drawing by Red-FoxieScreen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.40.38 PM by spyedUntitled Drawing by zaphoralillyLLAMA KITTEN by Raksha18Untitled by renonevada Untitled Drawing by Melkboy Llama-kitten by PixlPhantasy Sexyfish by bumpercarmcgeeLlamakitten by G4M3KittyLlama Kitten by Z4N9Sexy Fish People by spyedLouise by skysoul25

Which ones do you guys like the most???

Tip: You can use the "Conversation" tab inside the "Add Media" option when you leave comments to access the pieces in this journal for easy reference. 

Discuss below, and... always feel free to draw and add more to the conversation!

-- A

UPDATE: Let's keep drawing through the weekend! Monday morning at 11:00 am PST I'll start checking out all the amazing works you've been contributing and highlight the very best! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


And the votes are in!  We're drawing LLAMA KITTEN, or alternatively, SEXY FISH PEOPLE! 

WHA? We were hanging out in #devart on dAmn lobbing out ideas for what to draw. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.36.56 PM by spyed

And the results are in!

Use deviantART Muro, Autodesk Sketchbook or any other drawing tool to illustrate: 




... whichever prompt you like better.... And simply post your drawing to this thread below using the "Add Media" button on the comment box!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.41.06 PM by spyed


-- :spyed: