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May 3, 2008
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v6 Sleek - Application Bar by spyed v6 Sleek - Application Bar by spyed
Introducing deviantART v6

This is the first ever published glimpse at v6, but this post is entirely technical in nature. For those in the community interested in the design process, this is for you. For those who want the whiz bang of getting going using the interface; wait a week. :P

To start, please take a close look at where we started with this concept: [link]

Application Bar

So there are the apps in your app bar, and then there's other apps. Makes sense that you should be able to drag and drop apps and rearrange apps, so that your application bar is customized to what you want at the top of deviantART.

Some want the HELP button up at the top, others want random deviation.

Go to town.

Not only that, but it gives us in Devious Technology a real easy and powerful place from which to roll out new applications for deviants to try out! woot.

Crazy, Crazy :heart: :love: :heart: to the brilliance of the people within Devious Technology and Devious Technology Creative - Please do not attribute this work exclusively to me or even mostly. Full credits to be posted at the time of release.
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Koshinator Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2008
I love the fonts
deidara-rulez Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
I like the new version of deviantART, "sleek". It's way more easier to find things in it.
osyris Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
One of my favorite new pieces to the v.6 puzzle!
misfit-t0y Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
This is fantastic. Keep it coming. :]
Invious Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
well thought of innovator
Dreyfus2006 Featured By Owner May 14, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As a beta tester I can only say one phrase:

"I can't wait!"
Ratafluke Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
Awesome new feature! :thumbsup::D Still seems a bit buggy at the moment (eg. the three top rows are empty - how can I drag an unwanted icon back?) but I expect that to be fixed soon.

For new users resp. not-logged-in people you should make chat, forum etc. a bit more accessible though, smth like keeping the current v5 top bar.

PS: Anyone else thinks it's psychologically a bad move to include "Attempt - Failed" when introducing a new feature? =P
Laurie-J Featured By Owner May 9, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Functionally it may be better, but in terms of appearance I'm afraid I prefer the current version.
finlande Featured By Owner May 6, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I still have some concerns that new deviants might find it kinda difficult to start with. I know couple deviants personally who started here couple months ago and its hard to learn for them that example "dA" logo there is way to submit stuff to dA..i mean, how could've they thought of that :O.
Ages ago it was I think you just add more and more stuff to it. Theres collections, favs, journals, prints, polls, subs, organisers, folders, fav folders..
But I trust your thoughts. I hope there will be more easier way to get into Deviantart for new and interesting artists.. The look is nice, keep it up.
WarthogDemon Featured By Owner May 5, 2008   Writer
Hmm, looks a tad confusing. :confused:
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